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Dogfart Behind The Scenes

Dogfart Behind The Scenes

Review date: 15-Mar-2012 04:55. Behind the scenes? Isn’t it some boring extra material they put to fill up a DVD and which you never get to watch? In the case with Dogfart Network, the world’s leading interracial porn conglomerate, it’s very different. Dogfart Behind the Scenes features a lot of pretty interesting stuff inside, and it also lets you access all 20+ of their sites – to see the scenes and what was behind the scenes within one membership!

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Dogfart Behind The Scenes

Intro promises:
In some genres and niches of porn, there are studios which pretty much define the entire thing. They are so big and successful and popular – and good at what they do – everything else just ends up compared to it one way or another. If we are to talk about interracial black guy, white girl kind of porn, the name which comes to mind is Dogfart Network. These guys have been doing their thing persistently for years, and their portfolio of exclusive, special, high-grade sites now has 20 different sites and counting. Shooting their stuff in-house and doing it the pro way, the guys surely have a lot of extra, unpublished material to share. Dogfart Behind the Scenes is their brand new site which gives you a special angle on all of their work. It’s both a standalone site and an entrance point to the entire network, yes, it means your membership Dogfart Behind the Scenes lets you access the whole back catalog Dogfart guys have produced so far. The whole point of Dogfart Behind the Scenes is to let you see how their material actually gets filmed, what the girls are all about, what are their dirty personal secrets and fantasies, how do they feel before or after the scene and what not. The site has a tour which has enough video-based previews for you to see how it goes. The tour is plainly designed with barely anything in it other than the video thumbnails. These guys don’t need flashy bullshit, they’re cool already!

Ready to go behind the scenes and see what the biggest brand in interracial porn got going on there? Of course you are. Dogfart Behind the Scenes got a pretty big collection of episodes for a brand new site. But then again with the 15 years these guys have been in the interracial porn business, churning out this many great watchable behind the scenes episodes should be piece of cake for them. Anyway, what you get here are videos filmed as interviews, and what happens in the video and when it is filmed very much depends on the site they have been filming the actual video for. If it’s a cuckold site, you will even see the cuckold in the picture and the girl (yes, obviously, main subjects are girls here) will talk about their relationship and what not. The girls will be telling all sorts of naughty stories, about their stripping or escorts careers, about their boyfriends and fuck buddies, about their bodies and sexual fantasies – there will be some skin shown as well. Some episodes were filmed after the actual scene, so you’ll see a girl with a messy load from a black cock on her face tell her story. This is really worth a look, trust us. With every scene, you get streaming and downloadable videos as well as model names, a brief story about what happened, and info on which other scenes inside the Dogfart Network feature this particular model.

Dogfart Behind the Scenes is a brand new one of a kind site which is loaded with exclusive behind the scene videos filmed on sets of different Dogfart Network productions. Whether it’s content for a cuckold, MILF, pregnant or anal sex site they were filming, you will be able to see a great story right on the money, and see some skin, too. This is a great way to enjoy the Dogfart’s trademark devil may care attitude and see why their porn is so cool and popular. Remember, your membership Dogfart Behind the Scenes gives you full access to the 20+ site network!

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