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Dogfart Network

Dogfart Network

Review date: 8-Jul-2014 19:15. The DogFart brand is pretty much the best you can get in interracial porn today. These people have been in the biz for years and years. So far, 20 unique and very cool sites have been launched ranging from interracial teen porn to cuckolding, cougars and way more. Now, you can access the entire catalog of their updates with a single, very affordable membership!

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Dogfart Network

Intro promises:
Sometimes people or companies are doing something special so good their names become synonymous with the entire thing. DogFart is almost such a case here. If you are an interracial porn fan, you should know this cheeky name. They have been around for years and years, and in this business, it means something. No, seriously, it’s been 15 years and counting! Reputation goes a long way, and so far these guys have built 20+ amazing and unique sites with some of the dirtiest, most fun and engaging interracial porn content to ever hit the net. DogFart Network, their one-stop point to access the entire back catalog of updates as well as all the upcoming goodies. These guys are legendary and we will take the liberty here to say that this is the top stuff to get if you’re aiming for some truly hot black on white material. The public area here is a great place to learn about the DogFart sites and models. Among these 20 sites, you got pretty much everything. Meaning, black guys and pretty much everything else – blondes, MILFs, housewives, glory hole sex, plus interracial lesbian and gay fucking, solo sites and a lot more. A very admirable level of diversity, we must say. With over a thousand models starring in all sorts of scenes, from regular interracial sex to some pretty twisted shit, fun apparently never ends in the DogFart hood.

When you are inside DogFart Network, it’s easy to get lost. Not because the navigation is crappy. Quite on the contrary, things couldn’t be easier in terms of jumping from one episode to another. All sites are brought together into one seamless and easily accessible network, so you know, no trouble here. It’s easy to get lost because it’s just too much hot and watchable stuff here! The network currently has 20 sites and of course when they add more sites (and they will), you will get access to them at no extra cost. Mind you, old reviews of DogFart network mention 15 sites, so you know, it never stops. All their sites got from 30 to 350 exclusive episodes with over 1,000 models featured. There are videos and pictures (and vidcaps) available for most scenes. Their newer stuff is filmed in HD and available as WMV files. You still may come across MPG files of lower resolution – if this content was added a while ago. Full scenes as well as smaller video chunks can be streamed and downloaded. Pictures come in bundles of 250+ photos per shoot. Describing what’s going on here, it’s pretty much useless. Some sites are pretty crazy, like The Minion for example, where a fat dude eats food and fucks white chicks at the same time, getting both into a bit of a mess. White teens, wives, MILFs, cougars, even boys, are paired with black guys (or girls) in all sorts of ways. It’s really terrific!

The DogFart Network is a great way to get familiar with a huge back catalog of some of the finest and most famous interracial porn to have ever been produced. All of these sites are in fact worth joining separately. Now, you can save time, money and peace of mind by going for the unified network access. Seriously, this deal is overloaded with value. Thousands of exclusive episodes, crazy sites full of twisted sex shit happening, hundreds of lovely white models getting black cock in all sorts of situations, this is the DogFart quality bar, and other sites just have to pull themselves up to it.

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