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Review date: 20-May-2017 06:24. "It's not porn, it's art!", the first phrase any man will reach for when caught looking at naughty pictures of naughty ladies. But what if there was a website out there that really provided artistic pictures of beautiful ladies, a place free of guilt and perversion? The Domai could easily be this safe haven.

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Intro promises:
Founded in the late 20th century, in Denmark by Eolake Stobblehouse, a pioneer in the field of Simple Nudes. The Simple nudes genre can be loosely placed somewhere between very softcore and fine art imagery. It doesn't take itself too seriously but it never loses respect for itself or the models that comprise it's focus. Stobblehouse reveals that Domai stands for Dirty Old Men's Association International. A jovial reference to himself and his unashamed love of beautiful young women. A passion that many others share if the popularity of Domai is anything to go by. For the greater good of humanity, the Domai has been capturing the beauty of young women. Today many big names in simple nude photography now contribute to the site, a far cry from the humble beginnings of a solitary Stobblehouse and his vision. On the site you will find girls, beauty and beautiful girls. The youthful female form is studied in depth. The site is updated five times a week, with a set of photos of a new or returning model, all professionally created and each a mini-masterpiece in it's own right.

On this site you will not find anything sexual, sordid or slutty. Pornography in any flavour is not what this site is about at all and this is it's one of it's main strengths. The internet (and humanity?) needs a website like this, pure of heart and focused in it's mission. It has never strayed from it's path and the first picture is as true as the last. The Domai aims for quality rather than quantity. The sheer number of updates however means both requirements are satisfied. Images can be viewed individually in large or small format. A zip file of each set can also be downloaded. All archive material is available right back to the beginning (1998!). Now for those of your that are now used to downloading video as well images, you may be disappointed. There are no video downloads on Domai. I don't think there needs to be really - it's a completely different medium and I'm not sure it would capture the aesthetic qualities of the young models as well as a photograph could. You can't absorb the full impact of the image if it keeps changing, after all. The Domai also sell prints, books and CDs of the material on their site and also maintains a resource of like minded sites.

The site is old, and looks it. It seems to be totally resistant to the need to constantly reinvent itself or try too hard to get your attention. There is no clutter or flashy graphics and although it's navigation is basic it is not hard to get around. The content is very easy to find and once you've started looking, you'll find that it never ends.

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