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Dominic Ford

Dominic Ford

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 04:59. Cheap gimmick? Porn revolution? Something in between? In an industry that's still fairly new to embracing HD technology, Dominic Ford incorporates high definition while taking it one step further with INCREDIBLE 3D MOVING PICTURES! Now, despite the fact that talking about 3D often conjures up images of cheesy 50s sci-fi flicks, I'm going to have to go with porn revolution, though you do still have to wear the silly glasses.

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Dominic Ford

Intro promises:
The whole game changes when your porn turns from a flat movie, to actual people you could swear you can touch. It's not the cheap gimmickry of old, where things shoot out from the screen (with the notable exception of a few hard dicks). This 3D just adds'depth to your movies'almost a tantalizing amount of depth'to the point that you start wishing you could reach out and touch what isn't there. OK. So, 3D is good but what about the actual videos? They do after all still offer 2D movies, including 2D versions of the spiffy three dimensional, all with very impressive HD quality, no matter what size you download. The flash videos aren't quite as good, but for streaming media they're really phenomenal.

There's a decent mix of solo and hardcore, anal and oral. The newer videos seem to get trimmed down more than the older ones to keep from dragging on, and they are mostly the guys just enjoying their own and each others' bodies. The sex scenes mix a variety of guys, often pairing older with younger: beefy, masculine with smaller twink; furry with smooth, though they aren't always a study in contrasts. And the bottoms from what I saw, well, they really love their jobs. They almost always get off before their tops. And the tops don't shy away from their duty, either.

The 3D isn't perfected yet, but it's getting there. In fact, during our time reviewing, Dominic upgraded the technology so that you get better, more vivid color in the movies. You can definitely see the difference between the old and new, though it could still use some tweaking. And some of the cuts in the videos can be pretty abrupt even though I've always felt that a lot of porn could do with some judicious pruning to keep things moving. Not all the videos are going to have fans and, unfortunately there isn't quite the massive amount of videos other sites have. But that's hardly Dominic Ford's fault. The site hasn't been around for a year yet. Stick around long enough and they will, since they're updated pretty regularly'somewhere between 5-10 days. And, realizing that, you really can't beat the price. Check out Dominic Ford. You won't be disappointed and you won't want to look back, though you may get a bit frustrated. No, you still can't touch the hot guys. Damn it.

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