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Dont Fuck My Daughter

Dont Fuck My Daughter

Review date: 21-Aug-2016 12:23. When you’re a grown man and your friend has a smoking hot 18-19 year old daughter, what do you do? You stay away from her. But what if she literally grabs you by the dick while her dad looked away as you are all hanging out at their place? Would you be able to resist the temptation? These guys here at Don’t Fuck My Daughter could not.

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Dont Fuck My Daughter

Intro promises:
Bros before hoes? Whoever said that never saw what kind of hot ass teenage daughters some men can have. It’s almost literally like your crotch is on fire every time you see her. Too bad you only see her at their place in the company of your dad. Wait, that’s actually a good thing. Who said you can just go around fucking people’s daughters — especially if you know these people? That’s just sick, you weirdo. But hell, the young bitch is asking for it. She’s like almost literally begging you to do her. Sometimes not almost, just plain begging. Giving you all these looks and touching you and all that. You know how girls can be, especially when they are young, horny, and crazy. Very cute, too. And these revealing shorts and bikinis she’s always wearing for no reason are not helping. As you see, things are serious. Explore your fantasies related to all of that inside Don’t Fuck My Daughter, a fun brand new site that offers very dramatic episodes featuring dads, their slutty daughters begging for cock, and men who are just unable to say no. We loved the site right away. See how basic the tour looks? Check out the trailers and the magic of Don’t Fuck My Daughter will start working. The place must be a riot! The video samples are really exciting, with embarrassing situations and lust mixed with guilt. Hilarious!

Seriously, this has to be the best dramatic execution of this daughter thing ever. We are sure you are going to have tons of fun watching all these videos. They are like short films, with characters, story, acting, and the (un)happy end. You will get tons of kicks as the little sexy brats are literally touching and sucking and fucking older men while their fathers are only feet away. The guys here have done a terrific job of creating situations that pretty much make you yell, oh my fucking god, what is she doing — and then beat your meat furiously. The girls are really great actors, playing these naughty scantily clothed teenage daughters who think they can do whatever the fuck they want. Shorts, bikinis, watching the ball game with dad and his buddy… And then it’s anal, oral, hard pussy pounding, all of that stuff. And then… Well, then it’s the priceless face of daddy when he sees his dear girl with her face entirely covered in his best friend’s jizz. Doesn’t have to be best friend actually. Could be just a plumber or someone they kinda know or kinda just met or whatever. No matter the plot, the execution is brilliant. Camera work, drama, hot sex, everything. We totally recommend checking Don’t Fuck My Daughter out if you can understand what having the hots for a young girl you’re not supposed to touch feels like.

Has somebody ever asked you not to fuck their daughter? Sounds like something you would do for them, but have you seen these badass 18-19yo babes here at Don’t Fuck My Daughter? It’s insane how fucking hot they are. So, sorry, dad, that boner goes right in there. Enjoy all the drama-filled footage at Don’t Fuck My Daughter, laugh, jerk off, have fun. This just has to be one of the best XXX sites ever in terms of acting and storylines. The dads’ faces are priceless!

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