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Double Diper

Double Diper

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 08:20. I like anal. I can't deny it; anal turns me on. I'm not sure if it's the kinkiness of the act, or because it's a social taboo, but watching a girl take a ride on the Hershey highway presses my pleasure button. Now, let's take that to the next level. Instead of one cock, let's make it two. Double penetration has been around for ages but now it's more popular than ever, and Double Diper does it better than anyone on the Internet.

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Double Diper

Intro promises:
Double Diper falls under the umbrella of the MeatMembers network of porn sites, so when you register for this site you gain access to 38 other sites, each better then the next. For the price of the average porn site you have membership to plethora of premium sites, such as CreamFilledBabes, ChixintheMix, TopNotchBitches, GaggingWhores and many, many more. Each contains original content, and each has some of the hottest stars in the business. This is truly the deal of the century.

Not that Double Diper needs too much help. On this site, you'll find about eight original high-quality movies, starring some of the hottest girls in the business such as Lauren Phoenix, Alicia Rhodes and Catalina. All these girls seem like they were born with cocks in their asses and they take to anal like a fish to water. It's a wonder to watch these girls work, deep-throating two cocks and gobbling up cum with relish. I especially liked the scene with Cataline. There's nothing especially innovative about this video, but it's so good you'll barely notice. She begins with a little strip tease that cuts directly into a double blowjob. She's been around the block for a while and has been featured with both Max Hardcore and Seymour Butts so you know she can take a dick balls deep. After some preliminary fucking they get into the double penetration, and far from shying away Catalina begs for more. After a hearty anal flossing they deliver the facial like an NBA dunk. It's a real classic.

All the videos on Double Diper and the MeatMembers network are downloadable in several formats, and come with an accompanying set of photos. Usually there's some negative to a site, but I really can't find anything bad here. If you have a craving for double penetration or high-quality porn, then you could do much worse then drop a dime here.

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