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Double Fucker

Double Fucker

Review date: 12-Jul-2017 07:49. Are you tired of getting double crossed by your friendly neighborhood porn site? Well, Double Fucker gives you more than just one leg up when it pertains to getting the most bang for your buck! The site title is appropriate, although the full breadth of themes and volume of content may not be as apparent from this moniker. And that's why we look into these matters.

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    17.6 of 25
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    17.4 of 25
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    12.8 of 20
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    14.1 of 20

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Double Fucker

Intro promises:
You can apply all the usual attributes of a hardcore explicit porn site to this one. There are many picture and video galleries (in popular formats) featuring hot sex starlets and their hung stud partners performing more than just the usual multi-course sex menu. Masturbation, handjobs, blowjobs, and full on intercourse are just the opening acts here! In addition to good old hard sex, the makers of this site have cranked up the XXX factor to offer members the kind of raunch that makes some mild mannered porn surfers squirm at the edge of their seats. Yes, I'm talking about nasty (NASTY!) anal sex and even DOUBLE PENETRATIONS! The women here are just as slutty as they are beautiful. Mom would never approve of these girls and some spouses might feel threatened by the seemingly unlimited depths of depravity to which the young pornstars here are willing go down, down, down to!

For those who are still trying to fathom the notion of "double penetration", here's a sample of the kind of two on one boinking you're likely to encounter. Imagine a lovely, well rounded, fit babe peeling off her clothes in front of two studly guys. Needless to say, her erotic strip show is more than enough to raise a few tent poles. It's not long before the one-eyed monsters are whipped out and the girl takes matters into her own hands. A squish here and a lick there, tend to keep things moving in an upward direction. Once the guys are big and hard, they just can't seem to help themselves. Of course, guys being guys, are not exactly the best at taking turns, so rather than having to wait while one dick drills the lovely play friend, they BOTH have at her at THE SAME TIME. If you though that anal sex with a big dick was filling enough, imagine a smaller sized sex kitten getting both of her pleasure ports docked to the hilt! Double Fucker presents this form of sexuality with pride and there's plenty of it to make sure you get the point! But, rounding up hot chicks to get double fucked is only one of the many adult features this site has to offer members. These guys have been around a while and their contribution to the world of smut is well rounded and substantial in mass. When you "buy" into this franchise, you might need a bigger shovel. Even the membership concept of this site has its own unique qualities. Where most other sites, require you put some money down and trust in a flashy couple page tour to guide your investment, these guys make it even easier to see what's what. Provided you can show some means to pay should you so desire, you can get a FREE Trial membership for several days. But for the long haul, you will need to pay ($39.95 for 30 days).

The membership price is heftier than the norm these days, but there are plenty of galleries across multiple sites to balance out the deal as a good value. It's fair to say that Double Fucker give you more than twice the fun for your dollar!

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