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Double Her Trouble

Double Her Trouble

Review date: 29-May-2016 20:28. No hole goes unfilled on Double Her Trouble, and that's just the way these sluts like it! Sucking one while getting fucked by another is what passes for foreplay for these whores - they want cunt and ass stuffed at once, all offered on video and pictures!

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Double Her Trouble

Intro promises:
Gangbangs, two cocks in a cunt, triple penetrations: if these are a few of your favorite things then you need to check out Double Her Trouble! They've got some incredibly hot looking nymphos who never met a cock they couldn't service, and one just won't do the job! If the bitches on Double Her Trouble could fit a dick in their ear they'd probably try it - it would let them go from three to five at a time! You get access to high resolution videos and high quality photo sets of material that makes the term hardcore seem trite, and it's not just the double penetration available for your pleasure. Membership gets you access to an array erotic content in a variety of niches. Add that to bonus sites and regular updates and you've got a membership site that will satisfy almost any urge!

There is something a bit misleading about the name of this website. When you check out the movies you'll find that an encounter with a mere pair of cocks is the closest thing to softcore available inside the group sex archive! Not that there is anything really softcore about, for example, the big boob blonde (with pink accents) named Daisy, who gets dicks diving deep into all her tight holes before she gets a facial from the ends of two dicks! Vanessa is another blonde, this one with a tight body, perky small tits, and an innocent look about her that she never quite sheds. Well, okay, so when she's spreading her legs wide to take a dick into her pussy while sitting on a guy's dick up her ass, there's only a hint of innocence left on her face. After an encounter this athletic it's amazing that Vanessa can even walk away normally, but she looks quite relaxed and satisfied as she takes a load of jizz across her face! That's just a sample of the action you get on the Double Her Trouble videos. Among the other features you'll find a horny blonde slut getting two dicks in her ass at the same time, and a couple of hot outdoor gangbangs where sexy sluts are doing more like Half-Dozen for her Trouble! The movies in this archive range from seventeen minutes to a half an hour. You can stream them if you want, although there is no on-site player; otherwise you can download them to your hard drive. The image galleries on Double Her Trouble are equally good. The majority of them are of hot sluts with two guys, but there are some that get even more extreme. There's a blonde babe taking on two hung dudes at once, and a wild brunette doing two guys and a cucumber. One equally freaky brunette is taking on three guys, including a black dude with a huge cock. The picture sets on Double Her Trouble are small, with fifteen images apiece on all that I sampled. They use big preview thumbnails, so you'll have a good idea if you want to check out the picture before you click it. Most of the pictures I checked out were about 800 pixels on the long edge, with file sizes in the 70-100KB range. They don't open on a viewer of any kind so you'll be using your back button, although that's not quite the issue it would be if the sets had more images. It's not really clear how often they add group/double penetration content to the collection, but they do update about twice a week. The day I checked out the site they'd added a squirting movie, for example. There are seventeen different categories of videos on the site ranging from anal to water sports. The photo archives are almost identical. All of them are laid out in the same manner as far as how content is delivered, and there's a dozen bonus feeds with even more movies. What I found was very good quality material on any and all of the collections. While I wish the photo galleries were a little larger, that's truly the only minor complaint I have about what I found inside the Double Her Trouble member's area. The babes are hot, and the scenarios are as explicit as you could hope to find. Best of all, this is exclusive content not found anywhere else on the web - and you do want to find it!

As a member of Double Her Trouble you'll have access to a lot of different kinds of porn, not the least of which is the group sex/gangbang content featured on the site tour. No matter what category or fetish you explore the babes are hot, the action intense and niche-specific, and the quality of the exclusive content is quite good. I have no problems recommending that you join Double Her Trouble!

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