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Double Plugged

Double Plugged

Review date: 25-Feb-2017 05:19. Who doesn't love a girl that will quietly slip a dildo up her asshole while being fucked? Who doesn't respect a girl that willingly invites two dicks to throw anchor in her vagina wet dock? Just the idea of these women drives ordinary men insane. How many birthday wishes, on both sides of the gender fence, have blown to the tune of two, Double Plugged and double nasty?

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Double Plugged

Intro promises:
Watching the stars of these DP videos work their ambidextrous magic sure puts things in perspective. Suddenly I'm not thing about work deadlines, cable bills, or the cat pissing everywhere- I'm in awe! Double Plugged chicks rock! And these ladies aren't your average fuck whores; they are beautiful tight little things that can't get enough of cock-meat.

Currently we have 18 head burying episodes, each averaging about 20-25 minutes in length. These scenes are sampled from DVDs and look good in any of the following five formats; XviD (1100kbps), WMV (512kbps), WMV (256kbps) iPod MP4 (700kbps), and MPEG (700kbps). I love the fact that I can download this material to my hard drive; I can spulge to it now or slow jerk to it later when I'm on the go with my laptop. The videos can also be streamed directly in WMV and have a function which allows you to quickly jump to any part of the clip. Members also get access to 47 bonus sites, all of which draw from Real Porn Access. This mega site boasts over 1431 DVDs in its online collection and it's constantly growing (that's 2900 GB of smut- a world of crank). 8 out of 10 Mr. Belvederes agree, Double Plugged is fun for the whole family. After watching a girl take two, it's hard going back to regular porn. You're looking at an unstuffed asshole or vagina and thinking: What a waste of a perfectly screwable hole! That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this site.

The content is good, but there simply isn't enough of it. Sure, there's a universe of bonus smut, but not a lot of it has DP action. If you like a wide variety of porn, membership makes sense. If you're only interested in gals that double up, this site might not be for you.

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