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Double View Casting

Double View Casting

Review date: 5-Jun-2010 16:17. It’s high time there was some hi-tech in porn right? We mean, HD content and all the latest standards are fine, but how about a whole new twist? Double View Casting is an all-new site which gives you a new angle – literally. The site offers hardcore porn casting videos which come as simultaneous footage from the cameraman and the male performer’s POV. Pretty fancy, huh?

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Double View Casting

Intro promises:
Sounds like something totally new, right? To help you get a better grasp, the site’s free area is filled with preview pictures and trailers, and a sample 2-angle video to play which you need to download the site’s proprietary video player. It lets you switch between the angles at any time you want. So yeah, you need to download a small piece of software. You don’t need to be afraid of viruses, spyware or any other kind of nasty stuff. After all, the guys are here to persuade you to become their client at least for a while, so they won’t possibly mess with your computer. Just not a smart idea in the long run. The player is very easy to use and it does let you switch between the views at any given time. Just think about it. Every single experience is unique here. One second you are seeing it through the guy’s eyes (the camera is on his head by the way) when he’s getting his dick sucked. That is a view which deserves the POV mode! Then, something else takes place, like doggy style fucking, and you see it through the regular camera to get a better view of the girl’s body. And then it all evolves into something else, and you choose the other angle, and it goes on again and again till you have some sort of self-directed porn movie. Pretty cool huh? You can enjoy this feature if you download the third type video from every episode and play it back through the above mentioned player. You can still watch regular videos, the site lets you download the guy’s and the cameraman’s versions separately.

Apart from this novelty thing, the site offers some of the steamiest hardcore casting videos you can only find. The girls act so naturally and they look so cool and hot that it’s all just so much fun to watch. The chicks are young and sexy and look Russian or at least European. Every episode has a choice of WMV HD videos up to 1280px as well as about 150 hi-res pictures. The photos are also available as ZIP files. The movies have no DRM restriction which means what is yours is yours – keep the videos you downloaded forever. The site is quite new so we can’t probably say there’s an abundance of content – for now, that is. Double View Casting is an interesting site and it keeps growing bigger and better.

Double View Casting is an unusual yet very high quality site which takes the entire porn casting thing to a whole new level. The girls are so natural and they are sometimes even shy to do this or that thing. Anyway, you get to watch them in XXX action from two angles which you can switch between at any time. The site’s novelty video player works smoothly and easily and provides just the level of excitement you expect from it – if not more. It’s great to see some innovation in porn backed up by really good-looking content. Check this out, you will love it!

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