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DP Fanatics

DP Fanatics

Review date: 25-Oct-2016 09:58. The slim and horny babes at DP Fanatics have both their tight holes put to use in hardcore fucking and sucking that will entrance you. The action here is phenomenal that it’s really hard to believe they have such a huge library, too. Usually it’s either/or, but not at DP Fanatics. If you want intense double dicking hardcore you won’t find a better place to sate your appetite.

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DP Fanatics

Intro promises:
DP Fanatics is home to intense threesomes where cum-lusting euro babes have both of their holes filled at the same time. The site is all about double penetration but that doesn’t mean the beautiful euro babes on this site don’t have their wet mouths filled with a fat cock, too. You’ll also catch plenty of hot threesomes where these nasty babes take two big cocks in just their asshole. The action is just as intense as it sounds and there is no shortage of kinky positions, creative cumshots and raw, unabashedly hardcore fucking.

All of this is packed in to a very large library with 189 video episodes (at the time of this review). To this day the site receives regular updates every week so expect it to grow even larger every 7 days you’re a member. Speaking of members, if you are one you will have many ways to enjoy the high quality action here, including instant gratification via a good-looking Flash Video stream. If you want to download the full-episode you can grab an excellent-quality Windows Media Player or MPEG format, as well as MP4 formats for newer episodes that are made especially for the iPod and PSPs. Every episode also contains a photo gallery with over 130 pictures. These are gorgeous, high-resolution images that you can browse through online or download in a ZIP file as a complete set. If you somehow find time to look at other porn, DP Fanatics has hooked you up with access to 35 other sites to enjoy. These cover various hardcore niches, from anal to pissing and everything in-between. Every month you’re a member you get access to 2 more sites. These are easy to access through the “Network” tab in the main navigation, which makes browsing the site simple and straightforward.

I was already sold on DP Fanatics before I found out about the 35 bonus sites. When you throw those into the mix its an incredibly good deal that rivals most mega sites in terms of content numbers and quality. This isn’t a site for DP fans only, though they’ll be happy here, too. It is really a great package of intense hardcore porn for fans of all niches, and one that’s well worth the considerably low price, given all the content.

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