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DP Fuck Fest

DP Fuck Fest

Review date: 1-Jun-2016 11:28. DP Fuck Fest is where the girls who can't get enough dick cum for satisfaction. You'll find plenty of doubly-pleasing double penetrations and all kinds of wild hardcore sucking and fucking! Hot chicks getting pounded with great big dicks is what they're about!

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DP Fuck Fest

Intro promises:
DP Fuck Fest doesn't wast a bunch of space on the main page telling you what you're going to get - they show you. The sluts on this site are getting well and truly fucked in every hole, and two dicks in a pussy or an ass are no big deal! If you're looking for long romantic gazes and soft gentle caresses, you're in the wrong place; if you're looking for the sort of banging that makes an orgy look like a Sunday school picnic, keep reading! Members of DP Fuck Fest get access to high quality movies and photo sets featuring some of the hottest chicks in the porn business. Above and beyond the content on DP Fuck Fest you also get access to a whole lot more hardcore material. This cums in the form of complete websites, each with videos or movies and photo sets; you'll also have access to bonus film and photo galleries, feeds, and more!

The first thing I checked out was a hot hardcore video starring a lusty and busty brunette babe who can't make up her mind: does she fuck a black cock or a white cock? She's nothing if not resourceful; instead of making a choice, she just fucks As mentioned, there are a great many different bonus archives of additional photo galleries and movies that members have unrestricted access to. Right on the main page are links to over four hundred bonus movies, for example; while they are all as hardcore as you could ask for, they cover a wide variety of porn niches, and are offered in essentially the same format as the Featured Videos. The photo galleries are also nice; there are some fine looking sluts gracing these high quality image collections. Here again a wide variety of porn niches are represented; just a cursory glance turned up teen, lesbian, oral/blowjob, and more. There are even links to the most popular galleries (and videos) shown on the archive pages, so you'll be able to check out ones that have been "tested" - or explore the archives for your own treasures! Where this membership opportunity goes from "merely" large to downright huge is when you start checking out the collection of bonus sites. Right across the top of all the pages on the website are five different drop-down menus, all populated with different kinds of sites. There are nearly twenty strictly movie sites, more than twenty hardcore sites with both photos and videos, a small collection of reality themed sites, and more! There are other features provided for member enjoyment, like access to some eZines devoted to fitness, nutrition, and other areas of interest. There's a link to a hand adult/sex store where you can purchase toys, movies/DVDs, and other items. Best of all is the collection of feeds that you can enjoy; here, as with the bonus sites, you'll have access to material in nearly every niche of porn found on the Internet!

DP Fuck Fest is a solid website that does what it's supposed to do - deliver hardcore movies and photo collections of hot chicks to its members. There are no fancy bells and whistles, nor is the material groundbreaking or particularly unique. That's not to say it isn't good, however - it is; these are attractive babes getting down and dirty kinky to their cunt's content! What little that the lack of originally may take away from the site is more than made up for in the quantity and the variety. The archives of porn movies and dirty pictures you get as a member are substantial, and you'd be hard pressed to cum up with a niche of porn you can't check out in the many websites you can explore. I wouldn't have the slightest hesitation to recommend a subscription to DP Fuck Fest!

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