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Draggin Ladies

Draggin Ladies

Review date: 6-May-2017 08:06. The first thing we have to say about Draggin' Ladies is that it's a totally transparent site. Like Celebrity Movie Archive or Videosz, you can check out the whole site--the way it's arranged, the kind and quality of content, everything--just by taking a site tour. This makes our job a lot easier, if not entirely superfluous. They aren't hiding anything, so just go check it out. You can even download free video clips for each of the models. Kudos!

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Draggin Ladies

Intro promises:
OK, here's their mission statement, with some comments from us: Dragginladies is a word play on the term "dragon lady" of course. Spelled draggin, like draggin' on a cigarette, it gives our name the double meaning and its own originality. The expression "dragon lady" is usually applied to Asian women. In case you miss it when you're checking things out, a lot of the models on this site are Asian. That may be a good thing or a bad thing in your book, but just so you know. On this site the fetish is mostly all about seductive female facial expressions. Not really. It's mostly all about girls smoking. And blowing smoke. There's a lot of lesbian action where the girls blow smoke at each other. And on each other's pussy. And there's boy-girl stuff too where they blow smoke on the guy's dick or smoke while they're getting fucked. The photo galleries are more solo posing, and there is some evidence of seductive female facial expressions, but this isn't what the site is really all about. This is brought out through the model's smoking. Showcasing her feminine mannerisms, smoking also gives the model some form of empowerment over her subject. This is hard to follow. But the point, we think, is clear. Smoking fetish divas tend to have that femme fatale noir look about them. Lotsa make-up and vintage lingerie. You also see a lot of femdom women smoking. So there is an aspect of control and coolness about having a drag and a puff.

It visually stimulates the viewer as the looks given by these women make them seem, alluring, in control, sexy, dirty, as well as portraying that "bad girl" image perhaps. Female smoking gives you inkling in to the sexual behavior women may possess as they interact with the cigarette (a falic [sic] symbol to some) with their lips and sometimes tongue and as they use eye contact to draw in their now captivated audience. You may think this is over-the-top, but we enjoy it. As this site goes as far as X-rated we get to explore this fetish to our great delight and hopefully yours. There is nothing necessarily x-rated about smoking, but this site does have hardcore sex mixed with smoking. Girl-girl and boy-girl. We want to keep our members interested and feeling like this is a great site to join over other, more predictable, formats. We think you'll feel we bring out each model's sexuality in a unique style. Well, it's pretty good. But there is room for improvement. As noted, you can browse the whole site for free and see what you think of the models and how much content there is. 45 girls when we visited, many of them Asian. The girls are pretty good looking and you should recognize a few names. Updates are being added daily. You can download the video clips (which seem to all be around 3 minutes) in a variety of formats (mpeg and high, medium and low wmv files). The best resolution plays back at 800 kb/s, which is nice. The pics are decent quality too, and not just vidcaps from the video. They are studio pics and they do focus on the actual "facial expressions" of the smoker (much more so than the video). Things we didn't like: (1) Despite being of high technical quality, the videos don't look good. For some reason the picture isn't nearly as sharp as it should be at this bit rate. Some were way overlit, others underlit. Editing and camerawork weren't great. No expense in the production either. You can have smoking girls looking classy or sleazy, and here the look is sleazy. The sets mainly seem to be just hotel room beds with blankets (even leopardskin and zebraskin) thrown over them. (2) The videos we saw didn't even have any sound. There was a note saying that music was being added to the new videos, but all the clips we downloaded were without any (and we'll take natural sound to music any day). A site that's shooting this much video, and making a commitment to present it in some generous formats, should be shooting better video. (3) Site design is nice and simple, with a gallery of the models being the main members index. You can click on the model's face, or a link to their videos, or a link to their pictures. But all these links go to the same page (the model's separate page). It's a little thing, but why bother having so many different links going to the same page?

DragginLadies claims to be the top smoking fetish site on the Net, and that may be true. The only other smoking site we've reviewed is Smoking Bitch, and it wasn't that good. This site has potential. We love the open tour, decent price, daily video updates, and the fact that they're shooting all their own content. The actual video production, however, has got to improve to make this a top site.

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