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Drawing Planet

Drawing Planet

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 07:04. When I was younger, I would often keep myself busy by drawing. Drawing whatever I could. It usually meant really bad versions of Superman and Batman, but in the mix were always the occasional cartoon I’d love to see naked. Cartoon women like Wonder Woman and Supergirl, for example.

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Drawing Planet

Intro promises:
Something about watching Wonder Woman on TV on Saturday morning triggered my fetish to see what’s underneath the red, white and blue costume. Well, now I have my chance, among seeing other fantastic art. Drawing Planet showcases the best in erotic art. From cartoons to hand-drawn portraits, the site doesn’t disappoint members who are into both pornography and art. The site, comprised of three-dimensional art, anime, an erotic collection, various serial stories, pin-up drawings, as well as a slew more, is high quality and the art is amazing in detail, with some in color and some in black and white.

There are so many pictures or drawings/art on Drawing Planet that the only beef I have with it are the sections are numbered. But, it’s done because it seems to be the best way. Once members click on the number, they are taken to a page with thumbnails of what’s in the section. Some go pages in length; it’s a wonder how long the webmaster sat adding art to its databases. Having said this, if you can get past the many numbers, then the next several pages are organized nicely into thumbnailed art. Included in the sections of erotic art is one called Heroines. This part of Drawing Planet has drawings, sketches, etc. of heroines you would love to see in compromising positions. Heroines such as Lara Croft, Betty Boop, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman are just a few. Imagine Supergirl posing for Playboy magazine. This site has those imaginations, drawn for your pleasure. Imagine Wonder Woman spreading her legs like she’s posing for a raunchy men’s magazine that has to be hidden under a mattress. Well, that’s on Drawing Planet too.

It’s like a comic book for adults, for people who are tired of seeing regular old porn or are in the mood for something different. If Superman were real, I’m sure he’d be scoping out the drawings of Wonder Woman, showing them to Aqua Man and The Flash. The rest of the site has the artists involved and their works and some of the site’s friends’ works. There is so much content and ingenuity on this site, I gave it a 5 rating. With regular updates and detailed sketches, Drawing Planet seems to be one step above what’s on the Internet now.

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