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Drippy Slits

Drippy Slits

Review date: 14-Oct-2017 06:07. Even if you don't care for squirters, there's one great thing about female ejaculation sites ' no fake orgasms here. It's simply not possible to create that stream of beautiful woman-juice any other way. Sadly, whether professional or amateur, the scenarios and lead-ups to said orgasms are often fake enough to make any old-fashioned pornographer proud.

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Drippy Slits

Intro promises:
This site is difficult to navigate, and the high points hard to find. The videos play in an embedded version of Windows Media Player: you can't skip ahead to the parts you want, the videos freeze up frequently, and the 'full screen' button doesn't work. The front page is full of content, but it's not adequately described and doesn't all fit in with the site's theme. At the top are apparently ten videos of squirting girls, under which are unrelated live and movie feeds for which you may have to lay out extra cash. Under this are picture galleries of squirting girls, which are quite fetching if you're into still images. And along the top is a toolbar directing you to all kinds of bonus content - unrelated to female ejaculation, of course. But there's simply not enough easy-to-access, on-topic content here.

The first video I watched was of Heather, a redhead who pronounces some generic and unconvincing dirty talk, then begins to play with her pussy while making uniform ooh-ahh noises for several minutes. Extreme close-ups of said pussy reveal very little evidence of real arousal, and the countless fade-cuts tell me that this was a very long shoot, indeed. At the end of it, we get approximately five seconds of admittedly impressive squirting, and genuine orgasmic shouting - but then it's over, with her stagey voice-over telling us how great that was and how her juices are now 'all over the place,' as if we didn't notice. The end. But that wasn't nearly as bad as what I chose next: the Girls of Drippy Slits Amateur section, from the 'Hot Stuff' pop-up window (another distraction full of tangential junk). Each of these girls (and they are tasty, I'll admit) does a little strip-tease and masturbates for the camera. To the corniest, cheapest music imaginable, piped in in place of the girl's own sounds. I don't know about you, but when I watch a girl masturbate, I want to hear her breathing, whatever sighs and moans she makes, and, if possible, the wet sounds of her pussy. I'd rather not hear a jacked-up drum machine try to recreate Loverboy songs. So it was back to the front page, where I clicked on Veronica, and was treated to a somewhat more convincing show, if also horrendously intercut between two shoots obviously done at different times. (I imagine the cameramen thinking: when are these girls going to come already?? Perhaps they should perform a striptease during the shoots') Veronica's hardcore scene with Justin is also nice ' she is clearly a multi-orgasmic woman who loves sex, and it's a delight watching her tell Justin what to do to make her squirt, before he lands a classic load on her face.

Having been made hopeful by Veronica, I watched Sherry's video next. But though she is a beautiful, dark, tattooed princess, her face looks bored, and the end of her movie made me blink in disbelief. Her face stuck for a few minutes in that familiar, frustrated grimace of the woman who is having trouble coming, she finally sits up on her knees, plunges the vibrator in hard, screams ' and then the film cuts to her lying back on the bed, done! As they say on the Continent, what the fuck? Of course, for a dollar you can wander around here for three days seeking your pleasure. Me? I got tired after a couple of hours.

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