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Drone Hunter

Drone Hunter

Review date: 17-Dec-2014 20:12. Just recently everybody used to be crazy about glasses that could record digital videos. Now, people are crazy about drones, these freaky-looking flying machines that can get pretty much anywhere and barely get noticed. It’s now time to get crazy about Drone Hunter, a brand new Mofos site that offers cutting edge XXX footage from real drones and through these spy glasses. So trendy!

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Drone Hunter

Intro promises:
Drones are pretty much this year’s thing. Okay, this year’s tech thing, because there was so much bullshit going on. But when it comes to tech, whether used for fun, for business, or in the military, drones have been everywhere these days. Put intended. So, as this year is coming to its end, let’s celebrate the efficiency and the slightly eerie beauty of the drone by checking out Drone Hunter here. This place is completely insane! Imagine this, there’s these two dudes and they are a team and they just travel through the country hooking up with hot bitches. One does most of the boning and the other manages the filming part – yes, including sending the drone to that backyard where his buddy is plowing yet another hot ass bitch. Or sometimes they send the drone to spy after two girls in a rooftop pool – doing you can guess what. Damn, isn’t this completely cray cray? There isn’t an actual video trailer here that you can play, but there is this video trailer ish thing that shows just how much action and amazing shooting and sexiness and fun these videos contain. There are also quite a few sample episodes. The level of production seems to be out of control here. Beautiful locations, even more beautiful sluts, hot fucking filmed from unusual angles… Damn it Mofos, you did it again. Guess we just have to get an account now.

Turns out drones are great not only for online shop deliveries and military surveillance. Looks like they can also help you film some top notch pussy from unusual angles. Our first concern was, what if the camera is too far away and we only see those two tiny figures that we have no idea what they are doing? But here at Drone Hunter, you don’t have that problem. Everything is very skillfully filmed. The drones change distance and angles all the time and you always have a pretty clear view of the bodies entwined in the act of honest, steamy, unstaged sex. There are all sorts of different stories explained in the write-ups about the guys traveling around, meeting new people, finding hot neighborhood tail to bang, riding jeeps through the desert. See, they are living it big! The videos are in high definition, obviously. There are also images, and the member area is full of features and browsing tools. We mean, it’s Mofos, what else can you expect? The network includes some of the best adult sites ever made in human history. In the unlikely case that you get bored with Drone Hunter, there are dozens of other top shelf XXX products waiting for you. All in all, just like drones are the thing of the year, we feel like Drone Hunter might be the adult site of the year.

Have a look at Drone Hunter today. It’s a great documentary about freedom, hot babes, America, sex, and latest tech. Quite a combo, don't you think? Get ready for incredible videos made using drones and spy glasses featuring girl on girl and guy on girl action that only keeps getting hotter. Drone Hunter is very well put together, it’s an outstanding new site by Mofos, and you need to have a look at it and the rest of the network right now!

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