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Drunk Babysitters

Drunk Babysitters

Review date: 10-Nov-2017 06:09. You come home from a hard night partying only to find that the babysitter has been doing the same thing, she is drunk and insensible on the sofa! As your partner rushes upstairs to check on the kids you decide to take the drunken bitch home, you are bloody annoyed, after all she has been at your booze when she should have been babysitting so how would you react?

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Drunk Babysitters

Intro promises:
Maybe you would do what those guys did? Drag her back to her house then fuck the silly slut stupid, you can fuck her any way you want, she is to smashed to know what’s going on or even remember in the morning, all she’ll know is that the next morning she will wake up in her own bed with a raging headache, ripped panties and a pussy dripping cum!

Drunk Babysitters has a large image gallery containing over 20,000 pictures spread over at least 320 sets. Many of the images but not all of them appear to be screen grabs from the movie clips, actually, they are rather well done and its hard to tell if they are grabs or not. All of the pictures are what I would describe as amateur which fits in with the feel of Drunk Babysitters. You wouldn’t expect glossy pin-up type pictures here, nor do you get them.

Membership of Drunk Babysitters also gives you access to more than 170 videos; they are very good and last for around a couple of minutes each. DrunkBabysitters is a fun site, it has a good selection of movies and pictures, the only problem is that it lacks a bit of focus, some of the content has little to do with drunken babysitters getting the fucking they deserve!

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