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Drunk Home Party

Drunk Home Party

Review date: 24-Jun-2010 19:16. We all know and love booze for being the social lubricant we often need at all sorts of gatherings. When there’s a party, your chances of scoring with a hottie go upwards dramatically if there’s a lot of hard stuff to drink around. Drunk Home Party is a fun site to explore with tons of young Russian girls getting fucked raw while they are more than tipsy.

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Drunk Home Party

Intro promises:
You know why you like drunk girls. They have this air of anything is possible around them, and this includes lots and lots of sex. Besides, their inhibitions turn to nothing and blood seems to be flowing from their brain straight where it’s needed to make them horny as hell. Drinking provokes the desire but takes away the performance. This is something William Shakespeare wrote. However, these Russian girls and guys seem to have no problem with either of these. Drunk Home Party is a great new site with an amateur feel to it that specializes in home-made party footage where everything wobbles from the booze except maybe for cocks and pussies of the participants. And these are dying to meet!

The free area design tells quite a lot in fact about the site. The content samples are there, and the design has this amateur quality about it which sends the right message across. That’s right, this is not some overproduced crap where everybody is paid to look like as if they’re having fun. Hell, we’re talking about Russia here. Well, mainly Russia, and the people featured seem to be mostly Eastern European. These guys know how to use their bottles and glasses. Expect to see dozens of real life parties with footage lasting almost up to an hour from each. These can happen anywhere and can feature anything. Threesomes on a beach, home after-club get-togethers where everybody just hasn’t had enough, wild parties in parks, anything and anywhere. In Russia, people love drinking just wherever they can and they can easily bribe their way out of possible trouble. This is why the entire video collection here is a never-ending whirlwind of cocksucking, threesomes, anal sex, swinging and what not, with gallons and gallons of beer and hard liquor on top. The bottles always appear in the scenes and you can see buddies and their chicks are actually having all this stuff. A very important thing for a site of this kind. You can also submit a video of your own and maybe even win a cash prize, but you really have to work, drink and fuck hard to beat these insane people.

Drunk Home Party is a new and exclusive site which offers a great bunch of downloadable videos with all sorts of crazy sexual things happening all the time. Everything is as natural as it can be. The people are really having all those drinks, and it results in hours of hardcore fucking which nobody will remember the next day. But that’s the best part of it right? Explore this new and promising place for quality downloadable videos which combine uncompromised quality and a great natural feel. Try to outrun these crazy Slavs in their drunk lustfulness if you dare!

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