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Drunk Moms

Drunk Moms

Review date: 29-Nov-2016 10:04. Drunk Moms has lots of hardcore pictures of drunken sluts taking it in every hole just for a drink. These guys find moms that look like the old lady next door rather than Mrs. Robinson and they coerce her in to the kinkiest of acts simply by buying her a few drinks. These mature sluts will lick salty balls, and deep throat a dick, all because they are too drunk to say no. These sluts do everything possible while drunk with some young studs.

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Drunk Moms

Intro promises:
Drunk Moms has quite a bit of content for those of you who love the mature women. These women have loads of photos and videos of them getting plied with liquor and then pounded in the pussy by a young cock. There are several different photo galleries featuring solo masturbation scenes with older women, or you can see mature orgies. You can also tune in to see some slutty older babes getting fucked hardcore style. If that’s not enough for you, you can also check out the video archives, which features home made mature videos; that’s right amateur older women getting it on to get you off. You can see 'good moms gone bad', more drunk moms or just 'moms in action', all types of action. Drunk Moms also offers you mature erotic stories. Older women share their erotic tales for your pleasure. These stories are fairly well-written and are sure to get your engine running. The best feature on this site is the fantasy requests. If you have a fantasy that you want to see acted out, you can send it in and they will act it out on film for your erotic enjoyment.

The quality of the videos is decent. You can see the drunken sluts getting fucked in the asshole, in the old used pussies and sucking a dick dry. Although the tour offers no free video samples, rest assured that they are of a decent quality to make the videos worth viewing. The pictures are of course digital still of the videos, so the quality is about the same. The lighting is decent and most of the shots are 1 or 2 angles so you get variety. The moms are ok for average looking mature sluts. But I’ll say this about these ladies, they like to get down and dirty and a little cum doesn’t scare them, they suck it down like water. This site makes no exclusivity claims and I can see why. I’m not sure if I’ve seen this content before because I don’t often cruise mature sites. While I do enjoy this niche, I don’t follow it enough to know for certain. There are a few of these women that I’m certain I’ve seen on their mature sites. Many of these women look Eastern European and I’m positive that I’ve seen them on a very specific mature site. But since the content has a specific theme, I think its safe to say that these movies are exclusive to Drunk Moms. This site promises to update 4-5 times each week. The updates add a new drunk mom as well as photos and video clips of her drunken debauchery with some young stud. With the almost daily updates and the sex scenes by request, you should have enough drunken mom sex to get you through the day. This site is somewhat easy to navigate, but it could be organized better for easier navigation. The site is divided into videos, pictures and other. So if you want to watch movies you just click on videos, but it has no options of searching by the drunken mom. It would have been better to have the site divided per drunken mom and then other goodies located under ‘other’. So there’s no way to find anything specific unless it’s videos, photos or other. Drunk Moms is designed in a very deep burgundy color, which is nice and sensual somehow. There’s no additional clutter, so all you have to do is find the videos or photos you want to see and check out these drunken sluts getting fucked hard by young studs supplying the booze. Oddly enough, the color of the site reminds me of older women and brandy, so I say good job to the producers for this subconscious connection. While this site is definitely enjoyable and these older ladies do take the fucking of a lifetime, the cost is a little pricey for the content. The photo galleries and the videos have limited content as far as “Drunk Mom” is concerned, but the site overall has more content. They don’t give you the names of the ladies or much else to make it worth $35. The erotic stories are great, no matter who their geared to. This site would be good as a bonus with other sites, or if it had bonus sites as thanks for being a member. With limited content and no additional goodies, this site is definitely not a deal.

Drunk Moms is an entertaining site; at least it is if you enjoy watching older women get shit-faced and fucked by younger boys. I thought this was a decent site. These older women get young boys to buy them drinks and then get totally wasted. Once these women are wasted, these boys get taught a valuable lesson by an older woman. These young studs get taught how to please an older woman, and what it feels like to get sucked and fucked by a mature lady who knows what she’s doing. These women give incredible head to the youngsters and in turn suck them so good that they want to scream for their own mommies. These older ladies take it in the ass and beg for more. They get so plastered that they spread their old pussy lips and allow these young men to suck their clits until they cum. What could be better than getting drunk a 45 and waking up next to a hot young 20-something? Overall this site was entertaining and erotic, unfortunately it was also severely lacking in content. The site as a whole had lots of excitement, but the drunk moms bit was a little low on content. The content available is of good quality and the women aren’t half bad, but they do know how to fuck! They have fantasy requests. This is the only thing I found confusing; if they supposedly pick these women up (they claim they don’t use models) then how can they create some poor schmuck’s fantasy? They don’t clarify which are fantasy requests so it’s a moot point. With the addition of more material, this site will be much better and I am anxiously awaiting that day.

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