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Dungeon Corp

Dungeon Corp

Review date: 24-Aug-2013 10:48. Over ten years of high quality updates, six bestseller BDSM sites in various niches, thousands of gigabytes of thrilling BDSM content – and one login coming at a very affordable price. This is all about Dungeon Corp, a brand in the kink scene which thousands of fans know and trust. Now you can stop choosing between their sites and choose them all!

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Dungeon Corp

Intro promises:
If there was ever perfection on the kinky side of things in porn, it must carry the name of Dungeon Corp. You have probably seen their trademark mask on the sites they operate. You may also know their names, Society SM or for instance Perfect Slave or Cumbots have earned themselves a place under the dark sun of online BDSM. Now they have released Dungeon Corp pass, a unified login system which lets you jump to any site in the network and enjoy whatever it’s got. Dungeon Corp is very impressive and good-looking even before you grab an account for yourself and log in. You can preview a lot of updates, find out about each participating site, check the models, learn more about site features and get acquainted with the update calendar. They even got the news section where they announce their DVD releases for example, or other related events. All in all, the free area here is very engaging and deserves at least a bit of your time. All the content this company shoots has a certain style and vibe to it. It’s a great idea to lounge around in the preview zone for a while and see if their particular approach to BDSM themed erotica is your cup of tea. Also, pay attention to the sites they got. They all have female subs, and their sites cover fucking machines, submissive sex, restraints, tickling, lesbian bondage, slaves, dungeon sex and the like.

These guys at Dungeon Corp, they don’t mess around. When you have been an active publisher of gourmet BDSM themed content, you don’t need to hide the scarcity of your member area behind all sorts of gimmicks and bonus offers. Dungeon Corp has a huge and solid selection of videos and photo sets which spans over years and years. Every week, they add more content to one or several sites. Dungeon Corp is essentially about female submissives in all sorts of situations, and they also pay a lot of attention to BDSM-fueled sex. Rough penetration also abounds at Cumbots, the site where lovely girls are interviewed, teased and put through the most extreme fucking machine experience in their lifetime. Other sites focus on different types of bondage, restraints and BDSM gear with an occasional bit of hardcore sex. Special attention is paid to girl VS girl domination, humiliation and fucking. A definite specialty of the entire network is that they pick only the hottest-looking young girls. Some of these may have some experience, some are total first-timers. The videos are streaming and downloadable, and we find the quality is better when you stream. You get 20-60 minute of footage with every episode, along with 100+ photos. As you would expect from a top class brand, the quality kicks ass, and so do the BDSM gear selection, authenticity and understanding of the scene. Really, this is just perfection, and we have yet to find anything comparable in the female BDSM scene.

Dungeon Corp is everything you will ever need from a female BDSM site network. The company used to have more sites but now they united them into 6 amazing products. You get access to all of them, and together they offer a history of 10+ years of updates and thousands of gigs of content. You can imagine how much premium grade submission, restraints, bondage sex, lesbian BDSM and other things are there! You get access to all this goodness for a regular 1-site price, so we kinda think this is the best female BDSM deal we have seen to date. Try it now!

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