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El Diablo

El Diablo

Review date: 13-Oct-2017 08:21. As I write this review, my boyfriend's watching football on TV. Usually he'd be watching the free porn over my shoulder, but this time he got bored and retired to the couch. That's the kind of site this is: BOR-ing.

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El Diablo

Intro promises:
The site would be fun if the quality was better. But instead it's a big tease. It promises "Fetish Weird XXX Hardcore Sex" but more often than naught, the videos don't work properly. I tried to watch the Bizzar [sic] Insertions feeds and got the shaft. So I viewed the Bizaar Insertions photo gallery instead, and though it was quite inspired - items included light bulbs, various fruits and veggies, and a turkey baster - the images were usually blurry and hard to make out.

Say, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe that’s because this site’s brought to us by the makers of such other winners as dirtysweetteens and adultland — equally disappointing, all. The potential is there, and I was excited by the notion of reviewing this site and watching all kinds of fetish-y kink. Someone please teach the people behind these sites how to create a streaming video that actually streams — and it doesn’t count if the video freezes while the sound plays on. That’s the worst: listening to the oohs and ahhs and not being able to see them play out.

The only redeeming factor of these sites is that you do get a lot of bang for your buck. A membership to any of them allows you access to the others, plus endless photo galleries and video streams. Good luck getting them to work. Is all the frustration worth $49.95 a month? Hardly, but if you don't believe me you can try the 3-day trial and see for yourself.

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