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Electro Sluts

Electro Sluts

Review date: 25-Feb-2012 07:53. Did you know BDSM and bondage play is so much better with a bit of electricity added to it. Whether you did or not, you will certainly enjoy watching it as it happens. Electro Sluts, a brand new female bondage and electro play site from the renowned, shows what electro devices can do to a girl when she’s already well over the edge. Get ready for bound girls, electrical toys, and a lot more!

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Electro Sluts

Intro promises:
Some would say certain things in porn are shocking. But how about a real shock, an electrical one? Electro play is a special, sophisticated and literally shocking area of BDSM, and it takes niche experience and understanding to capture it convincingly on video. Electro Sluts seems to be doing this kind of job just fine. The latest production of the glorious brand, Electro Sluts is the newest site out there exploring the joys (for you, the watcher) and the sorrows (for the girls who get bound and electrocuted) of bondage and domination mixed with all sorts of electro play. The site has a free tour which, like with all other creations, has a very peculiar style about it. Simple and yet graceful, it packs so much information into so little space and does it with such class that you recognize the style right away. Obviously consumer trust starts growing right away. Here we’ll explore what Electro Sluts is all about and find out whether this shocking hotspot is able to live up to the name of For now, give the free tour some browsing, it will give you the basic idea of what this site actually is. All main features and sections are showcased, including the updates, the member forum and the live shows, plus all other sites are outlined, for those curious about what this incredibly popular brand has to offer. Give it all a look and let’s get in.

Electro Sluts is by all means a site. If you are a member of other sites they operate, and if you ask us, you totally should be a member of at least some of them, you’ll understand what’s going on right away. However, it’s not hard at all to grasp the main thing even if you have never been inside a website. Though again, you really should check at least some of them out, this is the pinnacle of today’s kinky porn evolution. Anyway, Electro Sluts has a very clear and easy to navigate design which is a bit less dark than other sites, but offers the same kind of user experience. You’ll understand where the main things are happening very quickly. The content, the live shows, the links, the forum, everything is within a couple of clicks away from you at most. The thing about Electro Sluts, the site is like super new and there are less than 10 episodes inside at the moment. This may seem like too little even for a starting package. However, they promise updates 3 times a week, and with, a promise is always followed by delivering. Another thing, and this is probably related to this, you get free unlimited access to’s existing electroshock site, Wired Pussy, for no extra cost. It has been around for a while, has a lot of episodes to offer – but has a bit less bondage in its scenes, as far as we can tell. All in all, it’s a great bundle!

Electro Sluts features submissive girls bound, tortured (with water, mostly) and pushed further over the edge with all sorts of electroshocking tools. Everything is for real and you will feel your toes curling as next door type girls will be screaming as electricity goes through their bound and exhausted bodies. This is really an exquisite thing to see, a bondage fan should love it! Electro Sluts has the usual class about it, and even though there’s not too much content here for now, the access to Wired Pussy makes up for it.

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