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Elite Spanking

Elite Spanking

Review date: 16-Aug-2016 11:25. Elite Spanking is the site where you go to see chicks getting spanked, caned and whipped. In the tour on the top of the page, I was immediately turned on by the chicks with cane marks across their backs and raised marks where they were whipped with canes.

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Elite Spanking

Intro promises:
There is a lot of pussy close-ups and lots of hot asses getting spanked and disciplined. I was really happy with the quality, too. You can see excellent details, and lots of sexy ladies. I really didn't see any fuglies. This is definitely the place to go to find swollen butts though. In the tour, there is a hot blonde named Andrea. She misbehaves and her teacher disciplines her by tying her up with ropes and laying her on a torture table that she uses for naughty students. With Andrea, she leaves her socks on but takes the rest of her clothes off. She enjoys looking at her waxed pussy and nice little rosebud anus. But the fun comes when she gets to whip her and spank her so hard that her little tush gets beet red and swollen. Her body trembles from the spanks and whips that she receives. But all the pain actually turns her on, so her pussy gets soaking wet. The teacher unties her and lets her masturbate to release all of that built up tension. In Exposed, this hot chick with brown hair had been fucking some of the hot chicks in school. Well, her headmistress found out and decided to punish the slut. She had some help from a guy. They tie her up and enjoy spanking her nice ass and making it turn bright red. She has a nice perky set of tits to enjoy looking at too, with puffy nipples. Headmistress really spanks this horny schoolgirl, teaching her a valuable lesson about who she should really be fucking. The headmasters thought that she would not misbehave after this, but Hanna actually liked it, and how good the burning and stinging felt after each smack. In Heavy Handed, Helen gets tied up and strapped to this interesting contraption. She has a really nice spread, and you can see her perfect little pussy between those tanned thighs. She had snuck out of her private all-girl school to go party, but the security guard caught her and told the headmistress. So she ends up getting smacked hard and paddled with a wooden paddle, but instead of learning her lesson, she enjoys the pain. In Lessons Taught, all you see is this bright red ass with caning marks all swelled up! She had disrespected her teacher, so they sent her to be caned by the headmaster. He pulls her pink skirt off and makes her take her black thongs off too. He bend her over a wooden torture table and he smacks her 100 times with the wooden cane. There are like 8 lines all swelled up that look fucking painful as all hell!

I really enjoyed the pics, but you do need to know that they aren't high quality ones. They are lower quality video caps, and are a bit blurry. But if you are into seeing those asses all swollen and red, then you will like the pics. You can still see all of that, it's just a lesser quality than normal digital stills. The movies are way different quality. Now, unlike the pics, the movies are very high quality and you can sit back and enjoy the chicks up close and personal. You can literally watch their asses become red and swollen from all of the hot hardcore spanking! There is this one called Bust and it's got this hot blonde with huge titties and they get whipped and smacked. They turn bright red!

If you like spanking on both asses and titties and lightly on the pussy, then you need to check out Elite Spanking Videos. The site is full of hot women who get off on it. The quality is great, and you get a lot of content when you include all of the bonus sites! I really enjoyed the site, so I think you would too if you are a spanking fan!

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