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Enter the Hardcore

Enter the Hardcore

Review date: 21-Aug-2016 09:57. Enter the Hardcore is all about horny sluts shown in retro form, showing retro style hardcore sex, retro bondage and spanking and even more! There are horny sluts from the 50's and 60's in sexy lingerie and short skirts getting whipped and slapped.There are even some sluts who get tortured with their legs spread apart wide so you can see their hairy beavers.

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Enter the Hardcore

Intro promises:
The horny girls love getting tied up with rope, too. There are many fuller figured ladies with nice firm, thick thighs just like in the days of Marilyn Monroe. If you like ball gags, leather, vinyl, and domination, then you will love this site. There are even some lesbian torture scenes. In this retro movie, Violated in the Forest, I think it is set in the 70's. The guys tie the girls all up with rope and there is this cheesy music playing. The guys lick the girl's pussies and stuff their hard cocks into their mouths. The girls are staked in the ground and cannot move! The guys fuck the shit out of the horny sluts in this hot outdoor sex scene. Even back then, girls sure could suck some mean cock! In another hardcore old porn movie, it is in black and white, and there is funny music playing. The guys hold the lady down and act fast. They tie her up and play with her boobs and even hog tie her! They put their hands over her mouth so no one can hear her scream, and then she quiets down and the guy sucks her tits and gets her to suck his cock with his help. He grabs her hair and bobs her head up and down on his hard dick. Finally, they feel her pussy and discover how wet and moist it is. He finger fucks her for a minute and then stuffs the horny woman with his hard unshaven cock into her hairy pussy.

After you first login to the members area, you are greeted by several updates. To get to the Enter the Hardcore content, you have to use the dropdown box and choose the site name from the list. Once you do, you are shown all of the latest updates. From there, you can choose any of the episodes you want to watch. The site's design is simple and well laid-out. I found it easy to get around the site and find the type of content I was looking for. For the site Enter the Hardcore, not all of the episodes have high resolution images. However, some of them do. The ones that do are excellent quality, and some are average. Also, some of them only have screen captures. Especially some of the super old movies that are in black and white. You only get low quality screen caps with those. There is a black and white porno that shows this brunette chick reading on a chair and she must get horny and she reaches down and she rubs on her pussy. The quality is very poor, but you can get the basic idea. She ends up sucking this guy's cock while his wife plays with her boobs in a hot threesome. The quality of all of the movies and the lengths all vary since this site is more of an archive of old hardcore films transferred to digital form. The one thing I didn't like about several movies was that the flash streaming version kept loading and stopping and restarting. Very annoying. You can also download the clips or a full version of the movie, however, so this fixes the choppiness. Overall, there are many movies to check out though!

I was really excited about the amount of hardcore porn on this site. There is a lot of older movies to check out, and you get some pictures with it too, which is a huge plus. In addition to Enter the Hardcore, you gain access to over 60 additional sites. This alone makes it worth joining the retro porn site. You get all kinds of great benefits, so I highly recommend that you join this site. You will not regret it!

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