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Epic Sex Date

Epic Sex Date

Review date: 9-Mar-2016 16:28. Aren’t dates that can be called epic quite rare? We know the feeling. Epic Sex Date here recreates the perfectly epic date we are all looking for. Think gorgeous young girls, natural, uninhibited, emotional sex, and satisfaction all around, from the way it looks to the way it feels. This is the sort of thing Epic Sex Date strives to deliver, and looks like it’s doing pretty well!

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Epic Sex Date

Intro promises:
Imagine yourself on a perfect date. Everything around is just awesome, the girl is really into it, and totally hot stuff happens naturally and is very enjoyable for both of you. We guess that won’t be the most typical porn scenario. Most porn we all watch just doesn’t reach that level of quality and interestingness. Well, good thing that there’s something different on the market these days. A site called Epic Sex Date is part of this Epic Sex family and they try to put as much real, hot, and honest into their great-looking porn flicks as possible. We have touched upon their products a bit here already, and now it’s time to have a closer look at Epic Sex Date. You could say the site targets this couple-friendly, visually pleasing porn scene – whatever people usually mean by it. But there’s also a difference here. Epic Sex Date aims to recreate the whole dating experience which doesn’t include just sex. It does feature some hot fucking eventually, but what makes it real is that there are things happening besides it. Like some fun time on the beach, or maybe the girl playing the guitar and singing a bit (and she’s good at it), or just talking. See the tour and check out the free Epic Sex Date tube videos to see what this thing is about. It’s not just plain porn, it seems to be a story, with characters and such – and nothing makes sex hotter than a bit of mind work and imagination. Let’s see more!

Epic Sex Date has a member area which looks very similar to the tour. As a matter of fact, it means their tour is real good. The member area is almost the same but except for free Epic Sex Date tube videos, it has the real thing. Yes, in HD! The site offers a very enjoyable and fun browsing experience, with these big photos in the background and very easy to use black and white interface. And yes, if you’re interested, you can access all other Epic Sex sites within a single membership. We were excited to find out that they keep adding sites; it used to be 2 not long ago, and now they added a few more. It’s all about the girls here, so browsing the episodes by models seems like the natural way to go. You get to see the girl’s profile page, with all her content, including pictorials and videos listed below. It’s great to know a few fun facts about the girls before you start watching, really. This way, the whole thing becomes even more natural! Epic Sex Date has these really well-made HD videos which stand out even from this newfangled HD porn crowd. There’s a bit of an intro in every story, and this story progresses towards sex very naturally. And the sex, oh boy. Go for shorter clips or for the full movie, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you’ll see a real work of art, not plain porn. The girls act in a natural, emotional, and naughty way, and the HD MP4 flicks look great on just about any platform you can imagine. We won’t tell what the stories are about, go and find out yourself!

Epic Sex Date is epic in every possible way. If all the porn you have seen before seems too plastic and fake, check out this masterpiece right here. The site features real epicness – and sex dates which look totally real as well. Get ready to sit back and be taken to heavens of pleasure by some really great-looking young girls with tons of personality. Dream dates filmed in HD, with all the nasty, animalistic, passion-driven sex you always wanted to have! Epic Sex Date has it all, plus, you get to access all other Epic Sex sites. These rock as well, so give this neat bunch a try right now!

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