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Review date: 9-Jan-2014 18:30. Welcome to Erito, home of the best-looking and most boner-bringing Japanese porn. With 4 sites, hundreds of hi-def videos and tens of categories all brought together, Erito is nothing short of a must see for anyone who’s into top shelf Asian smut. It doesn’t get any more Japanese than this, nobody outside Japan has ever seen these raw, glamorous fuck flicks, so don't miss this one!

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Intro promises:
Nobody can say for sure how much awesome porn gets made in Japan every day. But we’re certain about one thing, it’s a damned lot. How about a great way to stay updated on what’s hot and jack off worthy in today’s Japanese porn? Erito is here, and it just may mean your search for a one stop place for the best Japanese smut there is could be over. Erito is the way the Japanese say elite, and looks like the site has every right to have that word in its name. Gleaming with glamour and crispness, Erito unites 4 different sites with hundreds of killer episodes into one neatly organized place. Looks like we’re talking about a comprehensive look into today’s Japanese hardcore erotica! From teens to cosplay and from MILFs to celebrated AV stars, Erito does its best to bring you the cream. The site has a very nice tour full of preview opportunities and a great design promising high quality and class ahead. Well, let’s just see how true these promises turn out to be! Erito is fresh, awesome, growing by day, and ready to be enjoyed. Get a taste of top notch Japanese porn in the free area and check out the very detailed and helpful explanation telling you how signing up works. You most likely wouldn’t have had any trouble registering with Erito anyway, but it’s still a nice touch.

Before Erito, you usually had to choose. It could be sexy Japanese schoolgirls, or classy, elegant MILFs in business outfits, or something even more exotic, like cosplay or extreme toying. But hey, this is a thing of the past now. Erito has all of these things under one roof – and plenty of other things as well! The numbers are like this, there are hundreds of videos, dozens of ultra lovely models, teens, MILFs, and everything in between – and 20+ different categories. These include mainstream categories like big tits, uniforms, or stockings, and things more specific, like geishas or sex in classrooms. The site’s neat, cool-looking design offers great features including list of favorites that really helps not to get lost in Erito’s archive. It gets bigger every day, by the way. HD streaming and downloading is a breeze, and checking out more hot stuff with a particular girl that you liked is easy as ABC as well. Without being too commercialized, too loud, or uncool in any possible sort of way, Erito does its thing efficiently and with a nice edge. All content feels authentic, it’s always filmed in Japan with all the modern standards of online porn in mind. Bonus content includes all sorts of DVDs and other material that brings the value of your Erito membership even higher. But hey, Erito is so full of hardcore, fetish, and special interest porn made in Japan that it will take you a while to even start thinking about the DVDs and other bonuses.

Erito is here, and it could very well mean your search for a one stop sort of place specializing in high grade Japanese porn could be over. Bringing tens of models, plenty of categories and hundreds of HD videos together, Erito lets you enjoy what’s best in Japanese porn today. Schoolgirls, cougars, cosplay sluts, big tit Japanese MILFs, it’s all here, ripe, fresh, ready to be enjoyed. Get your Japanese freak on right now with Erito’s selection of super hot in-house videos!

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