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Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

Review date: 1-Feb-2012 05:15. Fans of artistic nude photos know, if the name of a site has ‘met’ in it, it’s most likely awesome stuff. Erotic Beauty doesn’t, but it used to. Formerly called Met Models, Erotic Beauty is now revamped and ready to blow even more minds. With almost 300 thousand super high resolution images and more, it easily will.

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Erotic Beauty

Intro promises:
Some things, you think they’re perfection itself, and then they get even better. This is what we felt with Erotic Beauty, a new site in the art nude scene – new, but not quite. Thing is, it’s a redesigned, revamped, and improved version of what used to be called Met Models. This was a sister site of Met Art which was basically a way for some photographers and plenty of terrific models of Met Art to take a fresher direction in what they were doing. Now it’s Erotic Beauty, and the name, even though it’s pretty generic, seems to suit the site perfectly. Classy and content-packed (and also very elite in terms of content quality), Erotic Beauty is back to showcase plenty of undiscovered European and Eastern European sensuality you would really want to experience. As you would expect from a high league site, the tour is neat-looking and clean cut, with sample galleries, site facts and other valuable details. Most of all, you’ll be looking at the models, we know. These are easily previewed in the tour already. A site with such background and most likely a massive fan base doesn’t need to beat around the bush in the tour, or use these much-hated tricks and gimmicks to appear better than it is. Erotic Beauty is pretty world-rocking as it is. If you think you’re ready to experience some of the finest art nude photography, the entrance is right there!

You know, we just love when great sites get revamped. Without losing their existing content catalog (and if it’s a good site, the catalog must be sizeable by then), they get new look, new features, and well, new fans, too. Something sites like Erotic Beauty totally deserve. They seem to have their full focus on images now, and boy what images these are. With sizes almost reaching 8,000px, these photos come as original files not disguised in some sort of fancy scripting or whatever else. They are what they are, brilliantly made erotic photographs fully available to you, the fan with his jaw on the floor. The site has been around for years and never stopped updating. With some 280 thousand hi-res images there now, Erotic Beauty is quite a piece to chew on. Some of Met Art’s best known photographers showcase their latest work, publishing romantic and sensual photo series shot in upscale houses, amazing natural locations and more. If you like your erotic model to start the scene naked already without losing precious time on undressing, Erotic Beauty is your thing. Things are pretty open and straightforward here, with slim, young, gorgeous Eastern European girls just being themselves and showing everything they got. Fully nude, of course. Words are pretty weak here, you have to see this collection of awesomeness yourself. If the massive catalog wasn’t enough, there are live shows with models of Met – whoa!

Erotic Beauty seems to be a fresher, edgier alternative to Met Art. The site offers a large content collection and over a thousand models from Eastern Europe and beyond, starring in very classy and sensual shoots made with really expensive professional equipment. The photos are fully downloadable and with 7-something thousand pixel resolution, your eye will get everything there is to get. The admission fee is reasonable and on top of everything you get access to regular live shows courtesy of Met.

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