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Erotic Smoking

Erotic Smoking

Review date: 30-Oct-2017 05:16. Sex and smoking are obviously two of the most popular topics of debate, damnation, and adoration. Sexy dames spreading their'lower lips, while clutching a smoke in their'lipstick-covered ones, would likely be considered an anathema or abomination'by those too conservative to inhale the fragrance of tobacco or vagina.

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Erotic Smoking

Intro promises:
As a site that doesn't dedicate any space to phallic-faced Joe Camel (or that guy with the westward-facing hard-on 'hidden' in the camel's leg on the pack) humping his way through a pool hall full of dromedary poon, or the Marlboro Man mounting a bareback filly as she rides his sidearm in reverse cowgirl, Erotic Smoking does manage to offer a slightly erotic buzz and a little secondhand sexiness.

With a pack of about 25 models, each of these gals of different brands appears in her own high-quality solo gallery in the 'Smoking Photos' section. Standing/lounging through a series of poses while puffing away on a cigarette, cigar, or cigarillo, some focus on blowing smoke rings and trying not to burn holes in the furniture, while a few perform that parlor trick that involves the slipping of a stoge or stogie into her hairy humidor'something you're not likely to see from any of those disgruntled groups huddled together in the cold alcoves outside of law-abiding bars and office buildings. The content labeled 'Smoking Videos' is stashed among a large list of other genre-based banner links (that your membership here allows you to also access) and consists of four pages of feeds entitled: 'Seductive Smoking,' 'Sexy Smokers,' 'Erotic Smoking' and 'Lit.' In each of these, we find much of the same material, with various-looking ladies smoking, getting naked and getting themselves off in'solo sessions. Streaming in different formats, the most you'll see here in these decent quality clips are soft caresses'with a'cigarette in one hand and a breast in the other. The smoking fetishist should likely have big, fat boagie in his pants at this point even though he's stubbed out everything Erotic Smoking itself has to offer at the moment.

With an extremely overflowing ashtray of extra material from 75 other sites, though, your interest should be re-sparked with a lungful of hardcore pics of popular niches that don't require a Zippo or matchbook on set, and hundreds of other video feeds featuring: Blondes, Secretaries, Cheerleaders, Ebony, Anal, Oral, MILF, Asian, Voyeur, Amateurs, Flashers, Teens, BBW, Big Cock, Pregnant, Hairy, Creampie, Shaved, Feet & Legs, Lingerie, Pantyhose, Group Sex, Midgets, Toys, Masturbation, Uniforms, Foreign, Porn Star, Indian, Brunette, Latina, Lesbian, and Interracial'all in that order. A collection of syndicated video games including: 'Sexris,' 'Who Wants to be a Pervert,' 'Ho Down and 'Ass Blasters,' should help make'those sweaty, shaky nights'of the recovering nicotine addict and exhausted ejaculator'pass'a'drop quicker.

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