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Ex Sluts

Ex Sluts

Review date: 18-Oct-2017 06:00. While Ex Sluts doesn't actually play to the slutty ex fantasy like it leads you to believe, this site's big enough that you may stumble across someone you used to date. This is one HUGE compilation website, with tons of pics and videos in multiple genres.

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Ex Sluts

Intro promises:
I wasn't expecting much from Ex Sluts, I confess. Once I logged in, it looked like yet another cheap anthology site with no original content and malfunctioning video links. It's a compilation site, all right, but while the quality of the content varies, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of smut available. The photo galleries are enormous and viewing them all would take weeks of dedicated browsing. The photo quality is high and there's a wide range of kinks represented. There's even some fantastic vintage porn available. (Say, how old is your ex, anyway?) The videos are a little more problematic. The quality ranges widely and there was the occasional problem with streaming or download. But you're used to that by now, right? Everything's here, from softcore cheesecake shots to hardcore orgy action.

Unpredictable quality aside, my complaint here is with the industry trend to promise one thing with a website's name and deliver something else. This is a perfectly good site - why not come clean on what it has to offer? Why the bait-and-switch? The Premium Content section only consists of links to live chat shows, none of which let you get to the good stuff for free. Snore.

But to hell with that noise! There's plenty here to keep your clicker finger (and your dominant hand) busy. If you want naughty ex-girlfriend hijinks, you'll have to dig up those incriminating photographs yourself, but if you're wanting to drop cash on a site with a little of everything, Ex Sluts is your new best friend.

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