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Exploited Chubbies

Exploited Chubbies

Review date: 10-Nov-2010 14:10. This is a lot of flesh here, and looks like the brain occupies only a fraction of total weight. These fat sluts are so silly tricking them into some naughty action, fucking them real hard and messing with them in kinky ways is piece of cake. And looks like they like cake, a lot of it! Explore this unique site for fat chicks getting more than they can handle, and we are not talking food here.

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Exploited Chubbies

Intro promises:
The site is all a pervert’s delight starting right from the free zone. The picture samples are all over the place, and there’s a video trailer for you to see it in action. Hell, it’s worth it. The trailer is nothing less than a combination of bouncing mounds of flesh, hard cock-powered action, and nasty things like cumming on a slice of pizza a fat bitch is about to eat or gagging her and pulling her hair and then some. The shit is so intense you may need some time to get cool, and then there’s the member area filled with HD movies and pictures, so this cool state is only temporary.

What the guys do here is pick up fat girls, mostly, with promise of free food. How stupid do they have to be to buy it? Anyway, they trick them into situations they can’t easily abandon, seduce them and fuck them hard using a new nasty way of degrading sex every new time. The videos are downloadable in pretty awesome resolution, so if you aim for the full length files, you’ll get quite an experience watching the entire thing from beginning to end. From sweet beginning to mean, unmerciful end, that is.

The site successfully blends classic chubby porn ways with the rougher side of extreme sex, and it’s all wrapped into a reality package. A combination of your favorite things, don’t you think? The WMV videos available in dozens will keep you entertained as all sorts of fat, silly amateurs get their mammoth mounds played with in the kinkiest way imaginable. Baseball bats, bottles, gags, larger-than-life dildos, it’s all there, the guys operate an entire arsenal of hard, sexy, humiliating machinery.

The girls are in fact very pretty. They are all quite young and fresh-looking, and their gorgeous voluptuous bodies only make them look hotter. It’s such a temptation to make use of their mile-long ass cracks, heavy boobs and delicious bellies. Do you know this feeling? It’s like having a big glazed cake in front of you, there’s such a need to have fun with all its little pieces and details. And here we clearly see the fun sometimes gets too rough. In fact, not sometimes, every single time. This is a truly terrific site which combines things which go together just fine. We are not talking about some serious BDSM or something like that here. Though they still get occasionally tied up or something like that, it’s more on the extreme sex territory.

A kickass site with a reality feel and a combination of fat silly sluts and mean-minded guys. The HD videos look just awesome, and there’s so much to see, from the funny pickup lines to mean fucking and messy cumshots. Oh, and sobbing girls as well, for sure. Anyway, this is a very action-packed place where all sorts of chubby cuties get more than they asked for. It’s up to you to find out whether they get what they are promised. As far as we are concerned, we do! We do get great HD vids, sexy models, and truly inimitable action.

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