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Exploited Teens Asia

Exploited Teens Asia

Review date: 17-Jul-2017 06:14. Exploited Teens Asia is an amateur site, so be prepared for quality that might not be as amazing as you’d like. If you want to join this site, also be ready to hand over a good amount of money. One month’s membership is $39.95; a 3month membership is $69.95; or you can join for one year for $99.95. Exploited Teens Asia also offers a 5 day trial for $14.95.

  • Content quality
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    18.8 of 25
  • Content quantity
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    18.4 of 25
  • Design and usability
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    14.4 of 20
  • Originality
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    7.4 of 10
  • Reviewer's rating
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    15.6 of 20

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Exploited Teens Asia

Intro promises:
As a website, exploitedteensasia is, just like its content, very amateurish. There’s nothing really fancy about any of its layout, graphics, or site design. In fact, the navigation is all “page 1,” “page 2,” etc. There isn’t a photo section, video section, or the like. That’s OK, but it makes it a pain to return to those sets you really like. The site could look much better, but as an amateur site, it’s about what I expected.

Like I said, Exploited Teens Asia doesn’t have a photo section per se. Instead, each video has a collection of screen shots that go with it. As expected, these screen captures aren’t of the greatest quality, and they serve more or less as a preview of the videos. There also aren’t very many photos per video, usually three. Exploited Teens Asia really focuses on videos, and that’s what you’ll find most of on the site. The videos are of average quality, and you can either watch them online or download them. Each features a hot Asian girl or two getting fucked hard, and the content includes some facials, some anal, and some slight fetish stuff. The content isn’t bad, but the quality could be much better. The only extra on the site is a DVD store. Eh. They do, however, update fairly regularly, usually once a week. That’s not bad, although for $39.95 a month, they should be updating much more often, in my opinion. That’s really the kicker for exploitedteensasia: that price tag. I just can’t see popping $40 for what this site has to offer. The content isn’t of the greatest quality, the photos are pretty much nonexistent, and they don’t update as often as I’d like. Exploited Teens Asia doesn’t even give us any extras.

Guys, there are much better Asian sites out there. Skip exploitedteensasia and buy membership in two or three of the better sites for the same amount of money.

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