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Exposed Uploads

Exposed Uploads

Review date: 3-Sep-2014 15:25. Gf porn is very much like something with a drug-like addictiveness. Once you start, there’s no stop to your desire to see next door hotties exposed in all sorts of ways. Well, good news for you here. Exposed Uploads is now live, with thousands of amateur-made and amateur-uploaded XXX videos you won’t find elsewhere. Softer, harder, it doesn’t matter how you like it. It’s all here!

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Exposed Uploads

Intro promises:
Amateur porn has always been popular and ever since the so-called ‘girlfriend’ porn exploded, the entire thing of watching real people do naughty stuff for fun as opposed to paid pornstars has become even bigger. What’s not to like? You can fantasize it’s your hot coworker in this video blowing her boyfriend’s thick cock, or that’s your next door crush right there getting it on with her best female friend. This is just so much more inspiring and stimulating than seeing paid actors do it! The spirit is totally different. So, if you’re into this, you must be looking for a fresh fix. We know how it feels. This has totally become a habit of its own. So, say hello to Exposed Uploads here. A super fresh site coming from the same people who brought us dozens of famous gf sites, Exposed Uploads seems to be ready to satisfy your cravings. The site has a tour area which is basically nothing but thumbnail-sized screencaps from the site’s very rich content collection. Really, what else do you need? The competition is getting tougher every day in the gf porn world, and this is entirely not surprising. The demand is growing and somebody has to satisfy it! So, there’s no time to mess around, every site is striving to showcase its goodies in best possible light. We as buyers love competition between sellers, haha. This only means we’re getting more of good stuff!

Fasten your seatbelts for a long and intense gf porn experience brought to you by Exposed Uploads! We expected the site to be big and full of hot stuff before we signed up. No catch here, it turned out to be exactly this way. Who needs fancy design and distractions and other silly stuff when you’re very obviously here for the videos? Exposed Uploads has a bit of the focus on the movies, that’s true, but the picture series are also there. Still we liked the video part more. These amateur-made and amateur-uploaded films last anywhere from 5 to 20+ minutes. We also felt Exposed Uploads was special because it covers certain nice and sexy things which are not exactly always within the scope of other sites. Many episodes here have a tasteful, sensual feel, with amateur beauties posing on the beach, or anywhere else outdoors, wearing hot bikinis and other sexy outfits, teasing with their half-naked bodies and mischievous smiles. This is a great way to warm yourself up before you move on to hardcore videos where exactly the same girls get fucked, eaten out, even fisted. Exposed Uploads has proven to be a diverse site full of content unrivaled by most other, plainer gf porn sites out there. The site is able to provide you with aesthetic as well as intense sexual pleasure, and this is done entirely by means of showing what real people out there have uploaded! Crazy!

Exposed Uploads exposes real life girls (mostly, real beauties) being young, careless and sexy as they are. Ranging from more softcore, sensual stuff with posing, nice outfits and what not all the way to all-out hardcore shoots, lesbian, threesome, anal and even fisting included, the content is always gripping. This is probably the newest gf porn you can find on the market these days, and you won’t see any of it inside other sites, too. See what Exposed Uploads is all about, and if you feel like it, you can add your own stuff, easily!

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