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Extreme CFNM

Extreme CFNM

Review date: 10-Oct-2017 08:25. Since most porn is made by men for a male audience, it must be frustrating for those horny women out there who want to see something different. Extreme CFNM comes to the rescue.

  • Content quality
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    16.6 of 25
  • Content quantity
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    18.2 of 25
  • Design and usability
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    14.5 of 20
  • Originality
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    7.3 of 10
  • Reviewer's rating
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    13.8 of 20

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Extreme CFNM

Intro promises:
As the people behind it recognize, most women want to see naked men with real women. This clothed female, naked male site offers exactly that with 315 videos that are streaming-only and average looking. The Flash format can be enlarged to full-screen size, but it sometimes gets a little blurry.

The idea here is quite simple. Fill a room up with horny ladies and one completely naked male stripper shaking his stuff for them. The mob mentality is a well-documented fact and something really takes hold of these horny women when placed in this situation. All-out chaos ensues as these straight-laced ladies lose their inhibitions and get into this naughty entertainment. Out of the public eye, these women go wild and can't wait to get their hands on the studly men. Although it's usually "look but don't touch" with strippers, these horny women grope, suck and jerk those big cocks as the male strippers offer themselves up to a pack of hungry females. You will find sets of vid caps for each of the scenes. They'll help you see what each one is about.

It is disappointing that there aren't any downloadable vids and the membership is rather pricey. There aren't any bonus sites either, but the collection seems to update on a weekly basis.

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