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Extreme Naturals

Extreme Naturals

Review date: 15-Jan-2017 05:30. Extreme Naturals lays claim to "the biggest nattys [natural breasts] you've ever seen, from EE to EEE cups and beyond," and damned if that's not true. They certainly offer the biggest breasts I've ever seen, although I can't say for certain whether they're truly natural. I mean, Kiki Daire was in some "all natural" videos, and she admitted to having hers done (not that they needed it).

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Extreme Naturals

Intro promises:
Still, these anatomically improbable ladies are perfect for guys into big tits--which should go without saying--as well as hardcore sex and ebony; this site has a lot of black women on it. In any case, the members home page is easy to figure out. The newest updates scroll down in one long column, and the page bottoms out with a link to the archives and a few links to webcam footage and bonus sites, of which there are 18. Since this site is a one trick pony as far as niches go, there aren't any searches or breakdowns, nor are they really necessary. The downloadable content (movies and photo .zip files) takes about 15 minutes to download.

The content here is exclusive and copious, with lots of models who look pro and are naughty without being trashy. The movies follow the same basic plot line--crew of guys finds huge breasted girl and one of them fucks her--but it works well enough here. They tend to use the same three positions during the sex scenes though, and I kinda hope they switch it up a bit in the future. If the ideal porn was a three ring circus, the movies here are like watching a girl get shot from a cannon thirty times. However, the models are pretty good looking, all things considered. I think their breasts are a little too big at times, but I've never been a big tits guy. And there are a lot of them, so at least the selection is good. As far as action is concerned, I haven't seen any anal yet, but there's plenty of blowjobs, titjobs, fucking, and cumshots to satisfy most people. And of course, plenty of gigantic tits. Most of the models have personality behind them, but seriously, the tits are overwhelming. And there are tons of them. There are also tons of pictures. Each model has over ten pages worth of high quality stills from her video shoot, and each page has 20 pictures on it, give or take. So there are literally thousands of pictures on the site altogether. Each model's photo set is condensed into a .zip file for easy downloading. They take about 15 minutes to download. The movies are 45 minutes to an hour long and divided into 15 minute clips. There are also shorter, 1 minute clips for quick streaming. They're shot well, good quality, and look good in full screen. And, as previously mentioned, they're original to the site, which is a nice feature. And speaking of nice features, this site has a ton. You get free access to 18 other sites, including Cum Fiesta and We Live Together, as well as webcams. Plus, Extreme Naturals updates every week without fail, so there's always new stuff. All the sites they link to update weekly too, so you can't fault them for irregularity. The other sites also provide content that this site lacks, namely everything besides mammoth mammaries.

Overall, Extreme Naturals is a fine website for people into its niche. It's a bit formulaic as far as content is concerned, and they don't offer much else but huge tits (as if there wasn't enough emphasis on those in this review), but the downloadable content and extra websites make it a good value for the money. If this sort of thing is what you're into, go ahead and buy a membership. I would. Right after I stop pinching myself to see if I'm actually looking at tits that damn big.

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