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Facial For A Buck

Facial For A Buck

Review date: 19-Oct-2017 06:55. Once you get past the annoying onslaught of pop-up ad windows, Facial For A Buck is a worthwhile visit for cum-spraying facial action. The basic premise is simple: girls take a dollar to have their faces coated in sticky goo. And judging by the amount of video and picture content, there is no shortage of lovelies willing to do just that.

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Facial For A Buck

Intro promises:
Check out Foxy for a double-dip treat of mouth action. Two studs bang her mercilessly before spewing gobs of pearl juice all over her face. Unfortunately, new choices do not pop open a new window, which can make surfing this site a bit tiresome with all the backtracking – especially for dial-up users. Otherwise, the site layout is clean and easy-to-use. There are a wide array of ads scattered throughout that I personally found annoying. Fortunately, once you get past the first page, no more windows jump up to assail you.

Be sure to swing by and see Jackie Moore, a smoking hot babe who loves trading dollars for dollops of hot jism. Her face is a dream and her actions are divine. She’s definitely the standout beauty on this site and certainly acts like it. Especially when she takes it up the backdoor before allowing her stud to shoot his wad on her. Excellent action followed by a superb finish.

One of the great things about this site is the use of VCR-like controls that enable surfers to actually jump around like the video was on television. Being able to jump straight to the money shot without having to watch the entire video is a definite plus. I enjoyed my stay at Facial For A Buck and I think you will too. The depth of video content combined with easy-to-use controls and excellent quality video stills will have you perusing this site often. The only improvements I’d suggest would be to cut down on the pop-up window ads and ads scattered around the site. Otherwise, this is a keeper.

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