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Fake Cop

Fake Cop

Review date: 8-Nov-2015 09:06. Remember all those sites about fake porn casting agents, fake taxis where girls just end up nailed silly, and about that fake hospital where checkups ended as you know what? These sites are pretty famous, and now they are joined by Fake Cop, a thrilling new hotspot featuring a cop catching silly Eurosluts doing some wrong shit and getting his knob worked on. It’s just so much fun!

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Fake Cop

Intro promises:
Have you ever fantasized about being a cop who like busts a sexy stupid girl doing some dumb shit? You’re the one in charge and you’re the one calling the shots, so all that power makes you feel really hot, hard and strong. What can the stupid bitch do? She does not want to end up in the slammer, so she has to play ball. Or play with your balls, to be more precise. Sex and power are connected in such a way that… That it’s pretty much impossible not to be excited about Fake Cop, a brand new site added to this network of reality sites many of which are based around this fake thing. Do you remember those? The one with a fake porn casting agent who takes advantage of silly porn wannabees. The one with the fake taxi where girls pay for a lift by having a ride of a very different kind. There’s a whole bunch of those sites, they all seem to feature movies filmed in the UK and in Europe – and now, there’s one more brand new site in the bunch. How about fake cops, guys wearing police uniforms, busting girls for all kinds of misdemeanor from peeing in a public spot to girls looking suspicious on a dark street. The site has a colorful catchy tour that, unfortunately, only has one free video trailer. Guess which one is it! It is kinda enough, though. We want to see it all already!

Oh boy, this is really nasty. Aren’t you supposed to like trust the man in the uniform and all that? At least over there in Europe where these guys don't even have guns most of the time. Well, this cop here, he has a different kind of weapon. These full length reality episodes are just a total delight to watch, we are telling you. They are using all sorts of clever shooting and editing techniques. Most of the time you see everything through the camera that the cop is wearing. You know, like these new things they make them wear nowadays to prevent abuse. Somebody here is going to be abused for sure. The girls do all sorts of dumb shit and then the man in the uniform shows up. He would take her to the back seat of his cop car (looking completely real) and offer her a deal. You know what kind! Then, it’s only a matter of time before the slut will have the juice of justice all over her jugs. The movies come in high definition and are just perfectly balanced between story and sex. Fake Cop comes with bonus access to all the other fake something sites. These are for real some of the best adult sites ever launched by anyone. Reality and fantasy and fucking blend into a delicious cocktail you just can’t resist.

Fake Cop is a great very well produced reality site featuring guy wearing a police uniform and girls who think he is actually wearing a police uniform. They have been bad silly girls, and now it’s payback time. Fake Cop is loaded with full length episodes documenting all the crazy hardcore reality (and often public) sex this cop is having all over the place. Great videos, and bonus access to other fake something sites, don’t miss!

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