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Fake Hospital

Fake Hospital

Review date: 24-Feb-2014 12:05. Things are so different down there in Europe. Turns out you can set up a couple rooms that look like a hospital, dress a bit like a doctor, and hot girls will come to you. Willing to have all sorts of very intimate things checked! And of course you end up fucking them. And it’s a win win for everybody! Check out Fake Hospital for fun candid cam videos where bitches just don’t know.

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Fake Hospital

Intro promises:
How much are you actually prepared to do to reach your ultimate sexual fantasy? Think about it for a while. Turns out there are people out there who would do a real lot. A real god damned lot. The guys at Fake Hospital pretty much set up a phony clinic where hot girls come and go like, hey, I have this back pain. Or check it out, I need like a pelvic exam and shit. Or like, help me pick a birth control pill. Sure, just let me finger your snatch for a while. And then fuck it for a while. And then… What? What pill? No, we don’t do that shit here. Fun, right? Fake Hospital seems to be bringing the good old fun back. It’s a hospital-themed site that doesn't really have much of that kinky medical stuff that more special interest sites may have. But what it does have are full length HD reality videos with unsuspecting Eurogirls coming with an issue – and walking out with their Eurocunts sore from wild boning. The tour here kinda makes you remember the good old days when nothing was impossible. Online porn was just a thing everybody was figuring out and you could see some pretty sick and shocking shit just like that. Well, we like that approach, Fake Hospital, give us more! Let’s just get an account and start watching that stuff.

That tour wasn’t really too detailed, was it? But don’t worry, once you enter the Fake Hospital member area, you start to feel better right away. You may have seen a few of them hospital-themed scenes and maybe even full length titles. But at Fake Hospital, it’s super silly fun all along. These guys have cameras everywhere. Even in the restrooms. Seriously, you just gotta to see all this for yourself. There’s sick crazy nasty shit going down in like every corner of this faux hospital – and the cameras capture every little bit of it. The videos are filmed with these candid cameras, and even though they look perfectly crystal clear, there’s a bit of that candid spy factor in them. They also come in high definition. Every week, 2 new episodes are added. Seriously, Fake Hospital is like incredibly diverse. They get visits from everybody, classy glammed up MILFs, young dumb girls, and everything in between. The variety of things going on is also quite amusing. You want the guy wearing the doctor’s coat to cum inside the girl? Sure. Squirting? No problem. Anal, oral, cumshots? Yes, all done with medical precision. Fake Hospital is just outrageous, what if the girls sue them? But who cares, really. It’s fun! So many hot Eurosluts get boned hoping to have their shit fixed. Well, maybe only your desire to get banged silly and jizzed all over. Stay healthy, girls!

Fake Hospital is really something else. A site taking a lot from the good old days of porn and at the same time a modern customer-centered site, Fake Hospital really stands out from the crowd. Watch these smart Eurostuds pretend to be doctors to get some prime grade European poontang. Reality footage from candid cameras, uncensored sex, tons of fun perks and quirks, new HD videos twice every week. This is what Fake Hospital is all about, and thanks to it we feel way better now!

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