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Fake Taxi

Fake Taxi

Review date: 6-Sep-2017 12:32. There’s some insane sexual shit going down in Europe again. What, you haven’t heard? Fake Taxi is a wicked new site with this guy driving around and having all sorts of sexual adventures with all sorts of silly Czech sluts. They think they’re just using another cab, but their very nearest future holds some pretty crazy stuff for them. Dirty, filthy, degrading stuff – see more now!

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Fake Taxi

Intro promises:
Haven’t these Eurogirls been warned? Like, when a girl takes a taxi, especially somewhere outside of town, this could end in just so many ways they don’t want it to end. But perhaps the girls like some of these ways and want to go down these dirty roads themselves? Let’s find out right now. Fake Taxi is a smashing new site brought to us by the same people who gave us Fake Agent and a whole bunch of other great sites with a twist. But don’t think that if there’s fake in the name, there’s going to be anything fake about the whole thing. Fake Taxi is pretty much realness at its goddamn best. So there is this dude, he has a car, he drives around pretending to be a legit cab, and once a silly hottie gets inside, sexy trouble starts brewing. You cannot even imagine right now how many hot scenarios are possible. Sometimes he would say the charge is like 10 times what the girl expected. Sometimes the ride would be long and boring and the girl would be in the party mood and she would reach for his zipper herself. And anything in between, really! This cool new site has a great idea, seems to have great content, and definitely has an awesome-looking tour. Look at it, the design is pretty fancy, there are video trailers, what else can we possibly want? Lounge in the free area for a while and let’s get the engine revving for that ride!

So, if a site looks this good when you’re still in the tour part, what’s your feeling about how it looks and feels inside? When it’s Fake Taxi, it’s cool and neat and just plain nice to be a member of all the way. Granted, Fake Taxi is not exactly huge right now. The site is literally fresh out of the oven. There are a few dozen episodes here right now. Depending on when you read it and decide (hopefully) to visit Fake Taxi, the exact count may vary. Looks like they are pretty confident about their update schedule. For all we know, this guy could be driving the streets of good old Europe right now! The videos come in delicious uncut 1080p HD quality, but it’s not the resolution which is the main point here. Everything is so damn real! The camera is installed in the corner just about the guy’s head or sometimes he takes it off for some tasty POV filming. Everything gets into the picture, the cars and public transport they pass, everything. Whatever the girl’s story is, whether she is upset over a breakup or in the mood for some partying, it’s always a total thrill to watch the whole thing. Especially when they’re tricked into hot fucking in some mean way! The camera’s light is only powerful enough to light up a small spot and gives it even more realness. If you ever wanted to be a cab driver and bone hot loose sluts, this is the thing right here! Check out Fake Taxi right now!

Fake Taxi is brand new and kicking plenty of ass already. This site wins the realness prize hands down. See what happens to this sly and clever dude who drives around Central Europe with a camera in his car, pretending to be a legit cab. Whether boning a cute girl sad over a breakup or tricking a cashless bitch into paying by starring in an impromptu porn, he’s having tons of fun. And so will you, with all the crazy and very good-looking 1080p HD footage right here at Fake Taxi! A can’t miss site for sure and a very promising bestseller for the entire 2013 already.

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