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Falcon Str8Men

Falcon Str8Men

Review date: 4-Nov-2017 05:23. While I'll admit that I share a bit of the fascination with straight guys in compromising situations and navigating uncharted sexual territory for the camera, the question that arises in my mind is always, 'Is that guy really straight?' And I've found that I, and we, invariably answer this question with a resounding 'No way in hell!' Which is not to say that they're not out there, they just seem to be as few and far between as, say, trees that flower with hundred dollar bills.

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Falcon Str8Men

Intro promises:
When the stars do sometimes align to get a straight man to fuck, or fuck around with, another man it is remarkable to watch the surprise that he experiences as his body betrays him by way of arousal at the hands of someone who really knows what he's doing. Unfortunately, none of this man magic is evident on Falcon Str8Men, despite the fact that all of the featured models are quite aesthetically pleasing (in a generic smooth, gym-toned, lightly-tattooed, and recently-exfoliated kind of way) and have bios and introductions that confirm their straight orientations, like: 'Darren's nervousness is really cute and makes you wonder why a hetero like him is so willing to get naked and shake his moneymaker in front of another guy.'

Falcon Str8Men comes with the standard issue navigation: Photos, Videos, Blog, and Store and these are pretty self-explanatory. Photo sets are organized by model and the portraiture is stunning, so much so that the shots look like they were taken specifically in the hopes of landing future catalog work or Calvin Klein modeling gigs for each straight man. The images culled from the respective video shoots are a bit more interactive, but still not so interesting after a short while as they are mostly solo sequences. All of the videos themselves open in a new Flash pop-up window (with the option to view these same videos via Windows Media Player, as well). The Flash videos, for some reason, are more nimble than the overall Flash navigation on the rest of the site (which can be pretty slow and quite cumbersome if you're trying to get from here to there quickly).

The Blog tab opens a new window that redirects users to 'The OFFICIAL Falcon Studios Blog' (meaning that it is not specific to this site) that gives up-to-date information about appearances by Falcon Exclusives like Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes. The Store tab also opens a similarly pan-Falcon window that redirects users to Falcon Studios Entertainment where users can view Falcon trailers, buy full-length DVDs, and even purchase individual scenes to stream. Falcon Str8Men is 100% Mac Friendly, but there's no actual sex and it's kinda dull.

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