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Fatal Beauties

Fatal Beauties

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 08:10. Two women I find extremely sexy are Helena Bonham Carter's character in the movie Fight Club and Winona Ryder's character in the movie Beetle Juice. Something about the dark, twisted, and warped minds and attitudes they project really, really get me horny, I mean excited. Maybe I've just got a fetish for goth chicks and punk rock girls.

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Fatal Beauties

Intro promises:
The black clothes, the tattoos, the piercings, the long skirts, the gray make-up and white skin, all of that drives me crazy. And all of this can be found on the website, Fatal Beauties. Fatal Beauties is a community site similar to Suicide Girls. On the site, models, or Fatal Beauties, share with their members and each other their likes, their dislikes, random conversations, pictures, and journal entries about anything and everything. The sell here really is the interaction with the models and the ability to see some of their kick-ass picture sets, which abound in no small numbers. It's a site for those out there who are into goth, punk, etc. who feel like there really isn't anyone else like them. Well, here's news for you. There are.

The pictures on Fatal Beauties are awesome. They're neatly arranged and with each model comes her profile, her journals, her friends that she recommends, a short interview and a way to contact her. Fatal Beauties wants to you feel like you're part of a family and the way the site is set up, it makes you feel like you're intimate with everyone. With a membership fee so generous, it's no wonder why the site is so popular. Not to mention it has amazing content and is put together well. Members also can post entries and share their own interests. You don't have to be a model to be a part of Fatal Beauties. As long as you take part in promoting the site and respect everyone that participates, everyone is welcome.

Another thing I love about the site is it encourages members to be actively involved via a street team. Street teamers can upload photos, post opinions and comments and also, if you've got it, you too can be a Fatal Beauty. There's also a Culture link that has interviews, reviews of products, art, and fiction stories. If there's ever a time to really explore the true person you are, and if by chance it fits what Fatal Beauties is pushing, join this community today. It's that good. I gave it a 5 rating because, honestly, it's a no-brainer.

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