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Fatty Pub

Fatty Pub

Review date: 13-May-2017 10:06. Chubby chaser alert! You like going to pubs, right? So, imagine you walk into a pub with a few buddies and see it’s empty except for a group of hot, tipsy, down to fuck BBW hotties! Well, dude, this is your luckiest night ever. Fatty Pub here is a great new site which takes BBW orgies to pub settings and does it with class, grace and heat. Read below!

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Fatty Pub

Intro promises:
Remember the guys who brought us BBW Bet as well as a few other kickass sites? Well, they are surely doing their homework well. These days they have released a whole bunch of great new BBW sites. Fatty Pub is the next in the bunch, we’re taking a closer look at right now, so get ready to have fun. That’s right, because it’s all about fun here. Not only the site features hard, honest BBW sex with huge heavy boobs, long tasty ass cracks and immense lust for cock. It’s not just about that. Fatty Pub is also about fun, careless attitude and people enjoying themselves. The scenario goes like this. There’s a pub, there’s nobody there but a group of hot plump girls having fun. The dudes arrive, and the natural chemistry between males and females on a Friday night at the pub starts working. Next thing you know, it’s making out, sucking cock and drilling into some tasty BBW pussy all over the place. We mean it, all over the place, the bar chairs, the counter, even the bathroom. Doesn’t it all sound like a night out of your dreams? Well we hope it does. Fatty Pub has the same classy approach to its packaging. The site’s design is high quality and very welcoming. They give you lots of vital info about the site so you feel comfortable getting an account. We totally did!

The packaging is so damn nice but what about the product itself? Well, dude, the member area of Fatty Pub is no slouch here either. You are probably really itching to see all the action, but check out how nice everything looks and now neatly the content and everything else is organized. The site already offers dozens of episodes to see and as long as it’s a production of a company with great reputation, we expect the updates to keep going for months and months. The content and the interactive features work well together, you can see other members’ comments on the episodes and why not speak out yourself, right? Fatty Pub offers great quality HD footage which looks best as 1080p WMV files. The MPEG versions rock as well, and MP4 videos are available for those of us who like to pre-load their gadgets with porn and get going. Pictures come in bunches of several hundreds and have great crisp quality as well. Enough about tech stuff, there are so many great BBW orgy sequences here to watch. Really, the site is all about action. Both the dudes and the chicks are so into it, you see camera following them around as they literally turn the pub into one big BBW orgy. Boy, we totally want to have such a pub in our hood! The guys here did a great job of picking hot, young, fresh-looking, naturally sexy and horny chubby chicks. You can see them glowing with joy and arousal as they get serious dicking with their female friends right in the pub.

Fatty Pub explores a very nice fantasy of getting it on with hot girls in an otherwise empty pub. The best thing about these girls is that they’re all down to fuck, deliciously plump, and up for some group sex action! The night is young, the girls are plump, what else do you need for a fuckfest to remember forever? Fatty Pub has some truly spectacular HD content which can be streamed online or saved to your system. No DRM here, watch it anytime you wish. Oh, and you get bonus access to two more very special BBW sex hotspots!

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