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Feet Core

Feet Core

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 05:36. I've often spent many a sleepless night wondering just how many foot fetishists out there have'applied to medical school in the hopes of pursuing a degree in podiatry. How many shoe store employees show up to work enthusiastic and handpick customers whose feet they can't resist'guiding into a pair of too-small pumps?

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Feet Core

Intro promises:
Well, my foot fanatical friends, Feet Core might be that little something that tides you over during heel-less'vacations and long feetless weekends. With multiple foot-fixated photo galleries and feet-themed video clips, you just'might find yourself marching around your living room or dancing the Charleston in'bunion and callous-inspired celebration.

A semi-blurred photo collection is split into five categories: 'Foot Modeling,' 'Foot Worship,' 'Feet/Leg Domination,' 'Footjobs,' and 'Trampling.' While most of these are self-explanatory, allow me to expand on the content so as to help you get a leg up on your co-subscribers. Approximately 20 models (including porn veteran Kelly O'Dell and a few other possibly recognizable names) sit around and show off their feet. Each shot is slightly different, so it's as if you're giving them an examination. As they step into the'next sets, you'll see the same models' feet being kissed, licked, nuzzled and tickled by various gentlemen. Becoming bored with such toe and arch adoration,'some of'the (muscle-bound)'ladies begin practicing wrestling-style moves on the men'snaring them in scissor-thigh grips and figure-four leg locks. Feeling guilty and possibly apologetic, the gals repay the guys with some good ole' fashioned'hands-free'footjobs'alternating between toe-tugging the penises and taking the members in their mouths. Deciding to put the shoes back on the other feet, though, their moods change again as they graciously agree to stand directly on the willing'fellas' backs (and a few fronts), in what can only be considered an experimental chiropractic alignment technique. The matching video clips of the movie section need to be downloaded to Windows Media and work well enough to see everyone's feet in action. Shot with a handheld camcorder, the quality isn't the best, but every instep and ankle flex is clearly viewable in these few-minute-long clips that can also be viewed in their entirety from three different angles of your choosing. Members are also allowed to leave comments underneath each photo/video gallery in message board-style forums. Most of what I found on these was along the lines of 'Yummy,' 'Can I have a footjob?' 'I'll clean those feet anytime,' but that's not to say you can't kick around some ideas of your own and come up with something slightly more poetic. Access to chat rooms and similar types of online communication venues'are offered here as well'something not commonly included'on your average adult site.

Fans of feet and conversation with computer friends about feet should find Feet Core an enticing place to stand. All of the models and their feet are pretty sexy,'so unless you're a hand man, you shouldn't feel like your toes are being stepped on here unless you want them to be.

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