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Female Squirt

Female Squirt

Review date: 6-Aug-2012 06:58. Some girl have that talent of squirting and have no idea about it! It takes special skills to bring out this gushing, and at Female Squirt, the girls have this skill. Squirting fans will enjoy this brand new female cum site featuring solo and girl on girl squirting action – for real! What is more, you can buy the dildos they use to turn their pussies into gushing pulsing holes!

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Female Squirt

Intro promises:
It’s been a while since we featured something really special here. You know we’re all about well-made special interest porn, right? We don’t even know why exactly. Maybe because somewhere deep down we’re super broad fetishists who want to embrace every type of kink known to man. Anyway, when it comes to squirting snatches and gushing pussies, we haven’t featured a site with ‘squirt’ in its name since about a year and a half ago. Woah, this is a lot! Introducing Female Squirt, a new and very ambitious site from a company which has brought us a few good fetish sites this year. If we’re to talk about a thing so subtle and even controversial as squirting, there are a few things to consider. This thing is hard to fake, we mean, you can probably do it, but for people who are really into this stuff, it will be just too obvious and won’t work. Also, you need to make sure the gushing and flooding pussies are emphasized enough and the camera focuses on the streams and on how they happen most of the time. So, squirting porn is not that easy to make, if you want to make good squirting porn. Here, it’s a special pleasure for us to introduce Female Squirt, because this totally feels like squirting porn made well. Check the tour, it has a whole bunch of video trailers, and see for yourself!

A good start leads to an even better continuation, and at Female Squirt, things are exactly this way. Female Squirt feels like a solid site with a dedicated team behind it. It’s really new but it has a very promising weekly update schedule, and there are several dozens of 100% exclusive episodes here already. About the episodes themselves, sometimes we’d see squirting porn which was like your average hardcore sex thing, but with squirting in it. We would think, hey, this guy needs to get out of the picture. What we are driving at is that at Female Squirt it’s girl on girl or solo only. It takes a girl to bring a girl’s gushing talents out! You can be sure it’s the most special and refined lesbian squirting action ever. And the tools, i.e. the sex toys these crazy squirting sluts use, some of them will blow you away. Once it happens, you can go straight to the sex toy store the link to which you’ll see all over the place, and you know, just get what you like for yourself! Female Squirt is a modern site in every possible way, so it has HD movies coming as a choice of streaming and downloadable files – plus galleries packed with great-looking photos. The orgasms the girls are having are almost literally earth-shattering, with gallons of pussy cum squirted out, bathed in, swallowed and what not!

Female Squirt is a brand new squirting site on the block, we mean, in the squirt porn scene. Its strong sites are girl only action, great-looking content, and plenty of authenticity. The site comes loaded with high def footage, and there’s brand new stuff to see every single week. The girls are real squirting pros, and if some girl is not, other girls will turn her into an orgasming fountain soon enough! The toys used in some of the scenes are unbelievable, you will only believe they’re real when you buy them from the site’s sex toy store!

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