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Review date: 16-Jan-2013 12:09. If you had to choose one sexual thing you would like to happen between you and a glamorous doll-like Japanese AV model, what would that be? We highly recommend choosing a blowjob. Judging from what Ferame shows us, a brand new site in the JAV HD family, these lovely cuties are really good at blowjobs of the hottest, sloppiest kind. And these guys got HD videos to prove! So, start watching!

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Intro promises:
Yay, we got good news for you guys out there who got a crush on lovely, glamorous-looking Asian girls who are commonly referred to as AV models. These fine young ladies are truly the pinnacle of Asian-themed porn evolution, with their super smooth bodies, great taste in clothing and underwear, and incredible grace on camera whether they just play around or get a load of jizz on their faces. JAV HD is a family of sites which offer content doing justice to these beauties. What we mean is that their stuff is very well filmed and available in high definition too. All in all, very decent sites, definitely the niche highlights. Recently, they added a brand new one. It’s called Ferame and it focuses on filming these very models giving the best blowjobs they can, and filming them in best possible way, too. You simply have to check out the tour with tons of video and picture samples plus a taste of that overall feel of really good quality. In just about everything, you know. The design is next to flawless, the girls are impeccable, and looks like you’re getting a lot of stuff with your membership, too. Yes, naturally, the delights of the JAV HD network become available to any Ferame subscriber, but there’s way more to this site than just extras. Let’s just have a closer look right now.

Sucking cock and getting fucked in their beautiful heads really becomes these glamorous Japanese centerfold models, you know. They’re all about pleasing their man (or men) right – and they know how to get themselves off doing it. This is what everybody loves about those Asians! Anyway, Ferame is a very nice addition to the JAV HD network which, together with this latest site, reached the count of over 4,500 exclusive videos and hundreds of really good-looking models. You will definitely like many of them. Dolled up in super sexy outfits, these fine ladies are being beautiful and cock-crazy at the same time, ready to please and being really grateful for that warm deposit all over their flawless faces. The combo is a total killer to watch. The site offers extensive navigation features with industry standard stuff like a model catalog and more wrapped in really neat-looking design, minimalistic and super classy. You can ‘like’ a video, view photos or screencaps, download the video in many formats and in really good quality, and do a lot of other cool stuff. The movies are completely uncensored so you won’t have to worry about missing something like it sometimes happens with all these Asian flicks. The site will definitely grow into something really kickass; so far, it’s the newest and the coolest addition to the JAV HD family, and it rocks. Try it now!

If you got a thing for Japanese AV supermodels putting all their cocksucking skill to action in relatively brief yet totally wet, sloppy and intense episodes, Ferame is your choice. All the JAV HD goodies are here, including strikingly beautiful female performers, well-filmed 100% hardcore action, a choice of video formats including mobile, and crystal clear HD pictures and videos. These girls do a lot of great sucking wearing their best outfits and makeup. This could easily be the greatest Asian oral sex porn experience you’ll ever ever have!

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