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Fetish Force

Fetish Force

Review date: 22-Dec-2012 07:14. When big had men get kinky, things can get stinky. Check out Fetish Force if you dare, a site with world’s hottest and most insane gay pornstars doing things which are hard to put into words, so pervy and filthy they are. Get ready for some urethral probing, bondage, fisting, and other activities which will get you screaming and creaming like a fucking lunatic. This shit is serious!

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Fetish Force

Intro promises:
All of you into ripped men, serious sex action and fetish exploration should pay attention right now! Fetish Force is out, and this new site rips into the kinky gay porn scene so hard and causing such sexy chaos we are not sure we have ever seen such a powerful release. You’re gonna have a powerful release, that’s for sure – when you see all these black and white pornstars, ripped, sexy, yearning to get off, and ready to do the sickest shit on their way to satisfaction. Let’s not beat about the bush here. You want us to tell you what exactly is kinky about this whole thing? How about urethral probing, deep fisting, extreme sex toys, bondage gay sex, gangbangs – and sometimes all of this combined? These guys are nasty, and they’re also experienced in the kinky ways, hung, and ready to go down the dirtiest way possible. Fetish Force is a sizzling hot new gay fetish porn site launched by the famous Raging Stallion studios, famous for their outrageous exploits in the world of male on male adult entertainment. The site is bundled together with Fisting Central, another fresh site they have – and the name is not very concealing, is it? Browse the well-designed tour, see all the high class perverted hunks ready for the wildest action, and you’re going to pretty much beg to get inside here and start watching!

Fetish Force is seriously kinky men doing seriously kinky stuff. With the experience and the lifestyle these guys have, it has to be something really crazy to get them off fast enough. We mean, look at them. Fetish Force features extreme gay porn stars who are not just ripped and handsome. They’re also tattooed, pierced, have provocative haircuts and that filthy look on their faces, when you see it, you know what’s up. The site is bundled together with Fisting Central, and here it means you get access to the two which have a united member area – for the price of just one. This is a pretty good deal, but you won’t be counting bucks. There are bigger things to do here! The focus on urethral explorations is strong here, and combined with all the jaw-dropping fisting scenes courtesy of Fisting Central, this place is basically about probing hard male bodies in the tenderest of holes. Well-filmed, like you would expect from a studio like Raging Stallion, these HD video episodes pack so much intensity you will need an extra load of napkins. Solo, couple and threesome scenes are aplenty here, with studs pushing their limits outdoors, in nice apartments and great-looking dungeons filled with SM gear. The episodes play for around 30 hour each and in terrific quality. See how long will you last, with some of the hottest men in the business exploring some of the darkest, humiliating, painful areas in male sexuality!

Get your freak on with some of the most out of control gay pornstars in the whole biz! Fetish Force, united with Fisting Central, brings you tons of fetish, SM, and fisting themed shoots in HD. Also, you can check out Raging Stallion’s full movies and other bonus goodies, but let’s see if you’ll be able to leave the main content area first. From urethral probing which does fucking hurt for real to bondage, extreme gay sex and much more, Fetish Force grabs you by the balls and never lets you go till these balls are dry. Quite a fucking ride!

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