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First Orgasm On Film

First Orgasm On Film

Review date: 19-Oct-2017 06:06. First Orgasm On Film takes a bevy of amateur hotties and films them masturbating. That's the basic premise of this site and the site sticks to that premise without fail. These are supposedly inexperienced women doing themselves on film. And some of them look truly inexperienced, which may add an element of attraction for some surfers. Other gals looked like they'd been masturbating on film for years.

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First Orgasm On Film

Intro promises:
All of the women, however, put on some great performances. Start you odyssey here with buxom Daytona who insists on laying out in the sun before playing with herself and enjoying a screamfest orgasm that might just shatter your eardrums. It's a flurry of fingers as she brings herself to orgasm again and again and her digital explorations are a thing of beauty. Through it all, she still manages to keep her sunglasses on. Nice.

Heaven's a hot little number who looks younger than most of the other women on this site. I personally enjoyed this vignette because I'm a big fan of girls in white underwear and Heaven keeps hers on just a little while longer than the other ladies. Before too long, she gets right down to business and is working herself like there's no tomorrow. Bored with her fingers, she quickly reaches for a vibrator to keep things pulsing along nicely. First Orgasm On Film is a masturbation fan's paradise. The girls work themselves over with fingers and toys and clearly enjoy what they're doing. While the site could use a little more selection of women ' they're aren't any minorities to speak of ' the content is decent enough to keep you surfing here for a while.

As with other sites by this company, I would have enjoyed a bit of fantasy play here. Some extra scenery or setup aside from straight action might add to the good experience of this site. Others may find this site perfect the way it is, preferring hard action immediately. If that's the case, then First Orgasm On Film is well on its way to achieving sexual Nirvana.

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