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Review date: 16-Jun-2016 14:03. The internet has done amazing things for sex. Before, if you wanted a casual fuck you had to work really hard for it. You had to go to a bar and buy drinks for chicks. You had to join a swingers group or some other seedy sex club. It took a lot of time and there was never a guarantee that you were going to get laid. With the internet everything has changed.

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Intro promises:
Fling is one of those adult dating sites and they claim to be the world’s best. I don’t know if that’s true but they certainly seem to have plenty of hotties to choose from and there’s nothing wrong with that. They also provide you with free picture galleries and videos uploaded by members and you can chat with anyone you’d like. They even do cam2cam chat. It’s like getting a webcam show but it’s a whole lot cheaper. There’s more to adult dating sites than just finding a chick to fuck.

Of course the most important part of any dating site is finding a chick to fuck (or a guy if you’re a lady and reading this) so that has to work well. Fling has a simple search function that I wished offered a little more. You type in your sex, your country and your city and/or zip code. You select what you’re seeking (man, woman, transsexual, couple) and what you’re looking for (fetish, sexual relations, other, group sex, online flirting). Then you pick an age range and whether you’d like users that are online now, have video chat, offer pictures or have verified pictures. It’s a simple search but it’s too simple. What if I’m looking for anal sex? Can I search for girls that are willing to do anal? Maybe most people aren’t looking to get really specific but I doubt it. There are probably lots of guys that don’t want to fuck but would love a blowjob. You can’t look for the blowjob girls; you’ll just have to message them and hope it works out. When I did my search in the LA area there were only 70 girls that had been online in the last week. The search returned 8,400 results but most of those babes hadn’t been online in months, which is troubling. All these sites have trouble maintaining female members but if they only have a handful that are ever on you’re not going to get anywhere. It’s also possible that because I didn’t want to pay for a membership that my search results were crappy. The only thing you can do without paying is search the database. You can’t look at pictures, you can’t visit profile pages, you can see the live cams. You can receive messages but your options for sending them back are severely limited. Basically, if you’re going to use the site you have to pay. They don’t charge a ton but I think I’d probably go with one that has more members, thereby upping my chances for getting laid. In some ways joining Fling is like joining an amateur porn site because they have a pretty extensive collection of picture galleries and videos you can check out. They say they’re all uploaded by members and while that’s probably true I would be surprised if they were all actually amateur content sets or not stolen from some other site. That doesn’t matter though. What’s important is that the girls are hot, the pictures are sexy and the videos are very enjoyable.

Fling is a good adult dating site but it’s not one of the finest out there. Based on my experience they don’t have a ton of women available to the guys and that seems to be a problem. Perhaps my searches were affected by my status as a non-paying member but that seems silly; no one would pay if they didn’t get good results. Also, there are sites with bigger member bases and it seems like you’d have more success making a match with those. Nevertheless it’s probably worth a month because they have enough members to find someone to screw, they have video chat, a nice messaging system and lots of free pictures and videos to check out.

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