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Foot Factory

Foot Factory

Review date: 27-Oct-2017 05:59. Usually when I see bare feet, I think of tickling or putting on some woolly socks to keep warm. Heat was definitely not in short supply over at Foot Factory. It's a foot fetish-ist's delight, and there's enough variety to warrant a look from any and all fans of the feminine form.

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Foot Factory

Intro promises:
The photographer for the site makes a concerted effort to capture tons of bare tootsies whenever possible, but even on the off chance they miss, there's a fine focus on every other inch of such lovelies as Aimee Sweet, Valentina Vaughn, Jelena Jensen, Natalia Cruz, Alexis Amore, Briana Banks and Aria Giovanni, to name a few. This is definitely not amateur-hour stuff, either. Some of these photo shoots were so scorching that I couldn't help but spout, "OH MY G-D" aloud. Some of the photos are artsy, using great light sourcing and color, while some are simply fun. Violet Blue swinging her dainty mitts at a heavy bag wearing nothing but some skimpy lingerie and hosiery left me nothing short of happy and horny.

Videos are available in chunks or as a whole, to stream from the site or to download and play whenever you want. Good setup, reasonable format, and the movies look pretty nice once you get them playing. These aren't small vids by any stretch of the imagination. What I saw ranged from 100MB to nearly 300MB, and can take a while to download and even play if your computer is in short supply of memory. With a file that size, streaming can be rough, so best stick to the broken up clips. To be fair, though, the entire movies usually run 20 to 30 minutes in length. And yes, the videos look pretty good, featuring feet from as many angles and positions as possible, along with other goods for more casual foot fans. Most of the time, this involves some kind of dildo play or masturbation, but there's also an "Abduction" series where a girl gets captured in some way, all so a guy can have his way--with her feet. Funny, I never had to kidnap someone to get permission to massage their feet. And, you'll see 'em all here: clean feet, dirty feet, shoed feet, painted toenails, big feet, small feet, and probably some smelly feet (smell-o-vision not included).

Moving on to site design, the content delivery is solid. Clean layout, featuring the ability to sort by most recent updates (coming every week since 2004), photos only, videos only, a models directory, and a link to the forums where you can share your own thoughts, stories or images. In the photo areas, click an image and it pops up in either one of two sizes, both of which are decent, though I tended towards the large sizes. Then either go back to the thumbnail directory or click the image to go directly to the next in the series. Foot Factory doesn't employ the now popular use of compressed archives that would allow you to download a whole photo shoot in a single click, but they get enough other things right that I don't mind so much. All in all, I was pretty happy with this site. It's got something for everyone, with enough of a slant towards legs and feet to keep Dr. Scholl and other footie fanatics in piggie heaven.

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