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Footy Fetish

Footy Fetish

Review date: 12-Aug-2013 20:03. You like girls doing naughty stuff with their pretty feet, but most sites covering this sort of thing seem way too bland and primitive? Welcome to Footy Fetish, a more intimate place where it’s not just about the footjob, but also about all other types of foot play and worship. Solo, girl on girl, couples, you name it. The site has quite a bit of in-house material to show, so see it!

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Footy Fetish

Intro promises:
Any woman can flaunt her breasts and behind around, but it takes a special kind of girl to tease and please men with her beautiful sexy feet. These girls are pretty hard to find, and as are feet-themed erotica sites where this subtle topic is treated right. You know what we are talking about, don’t you? Too often when there are feet involved, it ends up being all about stroking some big dude’s cock with those feet and nothing else. If you have been looking for something more imaginative and intimate, here’s a site for ya. It’s called Footy Fetish and it was just launched – much to the delight of feet lovers all over the world. This place has a playful vibe about it, and it features real life girls, very pretty and very playful, teasing you with their feet in just so many ways. It takes a special kind of girl to have a way of doing that, wouldn’t you agree? It’s not like there’s this filthy porn director and he tells her, stroke that dick with your feet, honey, and you’re done for the day. Footy Fetish actually feels like a place where girls enjoy playing with their feet in sexy ways, be it foot worship or just touching the toes and stroking the soles. The tour here has a classic look and despite not having actual video trailers for now still has nice preview opportunities. Read the stories, preview the episodes, see the girls and what they are doing in the shoots. It is starting to look pretty special already, right? A more intimate feel, real life cuties, a diverse range of feet-themed sequences – we’re in for a real treat!

You know when you come across a special, customer-centered site. Footy Fetish sends exactly this kind of vibe. The looks here may not be that trendy, but this place is about something else. So far there are a little less than a hundred exclusive in-house episodes here. This translates to over 50 different girls doing all sorts of naughty foot fetish stuff, from innocent to really kinky. Pay attention to the peculiar content policy here – some shoots are photo only while others also have videos. When it’s something this subtle as sensual, pictures are better, in our opinion. Especially when they are this good-looking! There is like 120 photo or more in each gallery, and a typical video play for around 10 minutes or a bit less. The shoots, whether they are solo, girl on girl, or guy and girl, are full of creativity and soul. Whether the girl is exposing her pretty pussy while fooling around with sporty socks and running shoes, or eating cream off her girlfriend’s feet, or walking on a boat completely naked, it’s always a total delight. There’s plenty of chemistry happening here, and you will feel it right away. Young, cute, playful girls featured inside Footy Fetish all have the prettiest feet ever, and they all have very special (and different) feet-themed fantasies they really want to share. So let them do so right now!

Footy Fetish is all about this homely intimate feel – and sexy feet, of course. This brand new site provides a nice change from the cookie cutter way-too-hardcore sites that have some sort of feet-themed action inside. Offering content of boutique quality and really bringing out the character of the girls through their special foot play, Footy Fetish definitely earns itself a position in our top 10 foot fetish sites ever created. See this awesome place right now if you are into sexy feet and special girls!

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