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Forced Cuckold

Forced Cuckold

Review date: 26-Feb-2014 09:34. Been a bastard to your girlfriend or maybe even your young sexy wife? How about her teaming up with a ripped stud now, tying you up and making you watch as he bones her tight pussy? Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you, you perv? Check out Forced Cuckold for mind-blowing scenes with guys tied up or otherwise restrained, forced to watch their dear gfs get it. This stuff is so crazy!

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Forced Cuckold

Intro promises:
It’s been a while since we took a journey to the darker, kinkier side of sex here. Don’t you think it’s time for something really blood-boiling and shocking – and, naturally, totally sexy? It seems like we’ve found a perfect candidate to quench your thirst for pervier sex – and it will be especially interesting for you to check it out if you’re into the cuckold fetish thing. That’s right, guys who get off when their ladies get boned by other men right in front of them, pay attention. Our today’s special is called Forced Cuckold, a super new site launched as part of this super new Dirty Flix network. You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but turns out it has thousands of total movies inside, with intense, crazy sites covering all sorts of subtle or not so subtle fetishes. Anyway, we’re here for the cuckold thing right now! Forced Cuckold has a busy and attention-gripping tour with lots of big-sized video trailers, site facts and other details. As you may have understood already, the site focuses on men subdued by their better halves, tied up, or gagged, or maybe both, forced to see their ladies get fucked by a stranger. Not just see in many cases, but physically feel, too, because they’re doing it so close, on the same bed, even touching the poor humiliated guy! We know it’s fucked up, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Let’s see more!

The Dirty Flix network has so much stuff going on inside with multiple weekly updates, hundreds of featured models and all the other bells and whistles it is easy to get lost here. They specifically mention it will take you over 3 years total to watch all their videos from beginning to end. We, naturally, didn’t try doing so, but the network does look big. Forced Cuckold is a proud member of the family with tens and tens of episodes which are everything a modern quality-conscious porn consumer could possibly want. It takes a couple of clicks to start streaming or downloading these full length videos, and of course there are photo sets too. It’s nice seeing modern sites get mobile-friendly; Forced Cuckold is really nice towards its users with mobile devices, whether they are powered by iOS, Android, or anything else. The videos are crazy as fuck, with shaky cameras capturing the messy action reality style. There is usually a nasty plot involved through which a girl takes control over her boyfriend or husband, and then the insanity begins as this ripped stranger stud enters. There is always a lot of humiliating bondage and other stuff like gagging him with vegetables involved. Your kinky side will surely be pleased as you’ll be watching this hapless dude suffer as his gf will be getting boned hard – on the same bed, her body touching his! What could be more humiliating for a man than this?

Forced Cuckold is a modern, intense site for those who like pervy cuckold sex action and don’t want any compromises. Part of this big and growing Dirty Flix network, the site offers above par quality content, mobile friendly interface and videos, plus regular updates, all exclusive. If you are into cuckold erotica and have been lacking the kinky kicks, give this one a try. All the material featured puts the poor boyfriends and husbands through treatments so sick you will get the meanest and the hardest boner ever!

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